14 years old Tamil Boy Rishikumar earning 2.50 lac per month by his inventions

14 years old Tamil Boy Rishikumar

14 years old Tamil Boy Rishikumar from Mangalempet, Cuddalore District :-

A young talented 14 years old Tamil Boy  earning 2.50 lac per month by his new inventions. His name is Rishikumar. His father name is Mr.Anilkumar, private school teacher and his mother name is Bettaa, police SI. He lives in Mangalampettai, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu.

Rishikumar  is very much talented in creating Mobile Apps and robotics. He is studying in 9th standard in a private school. He is talented in his studies also.


Recently he created a ROBOT using poly-carbonate plastic. He created this robot with the expense of Rs.39000. According to him this robot will work as per the voice instruction of its owner. This robot can be controlled with the help of mobile app.


Rishikumar created a Motion Detector App for Android and apple phones. This app will detect the faces through the CCTV camera and save the captured faces from CCTV camera automatically in their Mobile. Rishikumar  has created more than 72 apps for android and apple phones. Out of these 72 apps, he already sold 30 apps to several companies.

Jarvis mini computer

He Created a jarvis mini computer,which work in 4.3 volts. It has 4 USB Ports, Internet Connector, Headphone, WIFI, Bluetooth etc., jarvis mini computer is working with the help of Broadcom software. jarvis mini computer has many advantages and can also be used for billings.


He has his own company Robonautics and run his company by himself with the help of his father. In his statement he described that he learn how to create the apps through internet. He struggled hard in the first instance to understand the programming. but later he created the premium apps to many companies. His motion detector app is one of milestone app in his carrier.

He also said that he learned the programming techniques of controlling and executing the commands for robot through internet.

He said that Jarvis mini computer is a low cost computer. By selling this type of computer, he is earning 2.50 lacs every month. He said  he is using 50% of this money for his inventions and 30% for the Orphaned and poor students educations.

He said that many companies sending him job offers to join in their companies.

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