How to Apply New Smart Card-Ration Card Online using Tnpds website?

Ration Card-Smart card

How to Apply New Smart Card-Ration Card Online using Tnpds website?

Procedure for Apply New Smart Card-Ration Card Online using Tnpds website  is described in the below article. Watch the video for Tamil description and subscribe us.

Tamil Nadu Government started giving the smart card instead of old Ration card. The old ration cards will be converted automatically in to the smart ration by the government. The existing ration card holders will receive an PIN on their mobile and they can collect their smart ration card from their nearest distribution centre by showing the SMS or showing the old ration card.

Tamil Nadu government announced that general public can apply for the new Smart Card online, if they did not applied through the nearest distribution centre.

Please check the below link to login to your account and verify whether you already applied for  Smart card and check the details given there is correct

Procedure for checking and correcting your Smart Card Details: – Click here

Apply New Smart Card-Ration Card Online using Tnpds website :-

Below is the step by step procedure to apply online for Smart/Ration Card in Tamil Nadu.


Go to the official website of Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System at


Click on “Smart Card Application” under the Useful links section in the right side of the Home Page.


After clicking on this link, an application form similar to below will open on the next page, fill all the necessary details in to it. Add a recent photograph which should be less than 2 Mb.

View the video for the details to know about How to Add/change the photo once it is submitted is described  click here.

Application for to Apply New Smart Card-Ration Card Online using Tnpds website :-

Apply New Smart Card-Ration Card Online using Tnpds website

After filling all the required details in the smart card application form, upload the residence proof in form of JPG, PNG or GIF format. The size of file should be no more than 2 MB.

Please remember to provide supporting document proof where ever it’s required.


After completing all the details, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom. After submitting the application, you will be provided a reference number which will help you track the status of your application.

Track the Smart Card Application Status

If you have already applied for the smart card, you must have your reference number. Using that reference number can check the status of your smart card application by visiting the homepage of the website at and clicking the “New Card Application Status” link in the right column.

To know everything about TNPDS Online-Smart Card-Ration Card – click below link

Smart Card Helpline

For any queries or doubts you can call the toll free helpline number of Public Distribution System at 1967 or 1800-425-5901.

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  1. After clicking confirm button, i am getting error as “Internal error Please try again”. I tried night time (9.30 PM) is there any timing for submission ? any idea ?

  2. I submitted all the details but ehen i click on confirmation button i am getting sn error as file size should be leess than 2mb.. how to rectify it?

  3. The beneficiary picture file size too long, must be in 2mb.

    I am getting the above error. I have checked the picture and files uploaded within the required size. But at the last stage when submitting it is telling the same error.

    Please suggest a solution

  4. Respected sir/madam. This is saritha from villupuram district.actually my husband working in abroad so I have to apply smart card by using my name as family it correct or wrong.please reply me

    • Sorry for my late reply..if you give your husband name as a family head(even if he is in abroad) it will be better.but there is nothing wrong in it by giving your name. i think if you want to change the family head name still you can change.

  5. Gas connection address and the address to be mentioned in smart card has to be same? I have my gas connection address in different area.

  6. Sir, I have submitted my application for new smart card. Please let me know the duration for processing and issuing new smart card.

  7. Hi, Is the smart card being printed? I still get the message that your card is not yet printed message, when i click the concerned link in the left . It is the same message, that i get after submitting on online and also given a passport size copy of my photo with xerox of old ration card at the respective office. Do you have any update on the information on it. When i can expect the new smart card?

    • Latest information is you can print the updated smart card at eseva center . If it is still showing the refrence number pls wait still your details get updated

  8. After my new smart card application, i got a final status- “Card issued” collect it from local Taluk office.

    When i went there the person replied differently “Your card status is in issuing” come after 1 week. I think the fellow tried to get bribe or just the regular government employee tactics to make the people grief and pay some money. Stupid people still like this.

    Tomorrow going to try again if nothing works, will file a CM cell petition

  9. I have applied for new ration card through online my phone no. 9444417715
    But i have not received any refference number
    How can i check the status of application. When i cotact helpline somebody told the phone number not registered. What is the remedy.
    Family head is Umarani U

  10. Hi I had applied for a new smart card and got the reference no also. I am continuously. Checking the status but it s showing its under document validationm. What is the next step that I have to do. Its nearly one month after applying. Kindly tell what I have to do.

  11. Hey, i have applied for smart card online. just included myself only in family members. forgot to add my wife details. How can i correct that

  12. I filed the online application for a fresh smart card. The reference number has emanated but befre I could note down the number the power has gone. So I could not find out the reference number. When I went to see the status of the application, I need to put the reference number. Kindly tell me how to know the reference number now?

  13. Hi , I’ve applied new ration card contain my name only (as family head) . and my wife name not added in application due to Adhar under process. kindly suggest the above application can get process or any chance to reject.

  14. Dear sir,
    I have applied for new smart card online on 11/11/2017. Still the application status is “application accepted and awaiting for document verification”.
    How long the process would take for me to get a new card?

  15. Sir, This is jayakumar from Chennai, i have applied for new smart card by last week. For Address Proof, i have lease agreement in three pages. i had to upload the document below 100kb. i could not upload all three pages in the size of 100kb. so uploaded front page only. tenant and owner address are in the front page.Further, i uploaded my Aadhaar Card (Address is different from my lease home). whether this is acceptable? Please clarify…

  16. Hi sir, i have applied new smart card in online on 20/11/2017(Application no#10171120451501)
    Sill now the application status is aavana saripaarppu….2 months passed.when it will be approve….and also my wife,child name not added in application due to name cancellation in her parents card and awaiting my child birth certificate.kindly suggest the above application can get process or any chance to reject.

    • it is common. it will take some time more than 2 months. for other quires Pls contact the Online support or file a complaint or goto nearest Eseva center.

  17. I have applied for new smart card on July 15, 2017. But, still the status is showing as “Document verification.” 6 months passed. when will it approve.

  18. I have applied for new Smart card and attached Gas book front page as address proof, does this will be acceptable ?? If NOT how do I edit application and what document to be applied as address proof.
    Pls advise

    • some time they will consider EB Bill Address and gas connection as a address prof.since you have applied, pls wait for their reply.if they reject your application then apply new smart card with your Aadhar card or Passport or Bank passbook as a Address proof.

  19. My old card expired and I went to the fair price shop and they told me to go to Mylapore office, i went there & after checking they told me old card is already cancelled and I have to apply for new card.

    If I apply for a new card how long it will take to get the smart card. When applying can I say card renewal instead of new card? pls advise me.

  20. I got married recently. So myself and my husband wants to remove our name from our parents ration card and apply for a smart card with my name and my husband as family head (2 members). How to delete member from Manual Ration Card?

  21. Hi, Recently Married, the house is in the name of my Parents.I’m trying to apply for a smart card,Should the Address Proof (Gas bill,EB Bill) Should be on my Name or What??

    • your name should be removed from your parent smart card. you should have a valid address proof on your name(aadhaar, passport, Bank passbook, etc.,) to apply for new smart card.

  22. I have applied new smart card on Jan end and current status is “Your New Smart Card Application has been Verified Successfully and Processing for Field Verification”
    What is the Field Verification and still how many i need to wait for my card.

  23. I had applied for ration card through online. Now the status says “Your New Smart Card Application has been Verified and Approved Successfully and Processing for Card Printing”, The status is same for more than two weeks. I don’t know what next. Weather Card will be sent to my residence address, or should I go to ration shop and collect. Would any one please let me know the procedure.


  24. Hi,
    I have applied for new card on Jan 2018, and still my status is in Document verification.
    They told by the end of 3rd month after applying, we will get the new smart card,but its nearly 3 months still the status is in Document Verification.

  25. I have entered gender as “Male” instead “Female” and submitted the application. Is there any option to correct the mistake before proceeding further.

  26. we applied the new smart card in three times but rejected by taluk officer due to aathar card address is change.what can I Do?

  27. I have applied my smart card through online with all the details required. Now the status is “Your New Card Application has been verified and Approved successfully
    and Processing for Card Printing”. My card status is “Inactive”. Letme know why it is “Inactive” status and when i will receive my smart card.

  28. HELLO SIR,
    I want to remove my name,husband name and my child name from my father inlaw smartcard to apply new smart card . please tell me supported proof of document to remove

    • marriage certificate is the document to remove the names. if your father in law card has only one family member then your removal will be rejected.

  29. What is the monthly salary range to mention in the application, is there any condition card may be accepted / rejected based on annual income.

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