How to apply Patta for land in Tamilnadu?

apply Patta in Tamilnadu

Apply Patta in Tamilnadu 

Apply Patta Transfer is the most common transaction in the Taluk Office in Tamil Nadu. According to the Government Order 210 dt. 8th July, 2011, the Village Administrative Officers are allowed to receive the application for simple Patta Transfers in some Taluks. This software is loaded on the main server to handle the computer records periodically to update the position of the application that are received by the office. Each and every Revenue Patta Transfer numbers are linked to each petition and petitioner track the movement of their petition and keep watching where it stands.

Once a plot is purchased, the most important process is to transfer or Apply Patta to the Buyer’s name and the process is not difficult anymore.  This article lists the documents needed for Patta transfer and helps in eliminating uncertainties about the entire process.

Who issues the patta?

Usually, the Tahsildar issues the Patta. Other officers are also empowered to do so depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

What are the different types of  Patta available?

There are various type of Patta but the common type of Patta in Tamil Nadu are:

Extract from Permanent Land Register
Extract from Town Survey Land Register

Adhoc issue of Patta which is based on holdings as per record maintained with the Taluk Office.
To apply Patta, an application will be made with providing details of land. After verification, the applicant will receive the Patta with Owner’s name.

What is the procedure for Apply patta in Tamilnadu?

Normally, an application has to be made to the Tahsildar in the form of a simple requisition to issue the patta, providing necessary details and documents. It is issued in the name of owner or in the case of joint holdings, in the names of the joint owners. If required, the officer concerned may require the applicant to furnish details in a particular format and may also hold inquiry before granting the patta. A survey may also be made if so deemed fit.

Click here to download the form for Patta request.

What are the documents required for Apply Patta Transfer in Tamil Nadu?

  • Download and complete the Patta transfer request form from here 
  • If the property holder who is going to sell their property, in short, Seller has Patta, then the process of transfer is simple with the copy of old patta which was submitted to Taluk Office. In case the seller does not have Patta in their name then a physical survey is needed.
  • A copy of Sale Deed is required for Patta Transfer
  • Submit original documents for verification or required attested copies of all the documents.
  • Application form can be made for Patta Transfer
  • If have, then the copy of Layout Sketch is required.
  • Submit the Proof of Possession, like corporation property tax receipt/ E. B. card or certificate
  • Encumbrance certificate is also required to be submitted
  • Submit the copy of Parents papers or documents.

Note :-

All the work of Patta Transfer should be completed within 30 days of time as per government G.O.

Some frequently asked questions and its answers :-

Does every patta has a plan or sketch?

In cases of patta which are “Extracts from Permanent Land Register” and “Extracts from Town Survey Land Register”, a topo plan is issued and is part of the patta. In the case agricultural holdings, the topo Plan is not usually issued.

Is it mandatory to have a patta for every property?

In case of properties which have buildings or structures, physical occupation and possession may be demonstrable. In case of vacant lands, this may not be possible. In such instances, patta is the main document for establishing lawful possession. Even in case of properties with buildings and structures, patta is the primary document to establish lawful possession. It also has other uses, especially when one is dealing with one’s property, as it contains many other vital details including the extent of holdings and in many cases, the measurements.

Is patta required for establishing ownership of apartments?

Patta is a document relating to land and not buildings, although the patta may include particulars relating to the buildings. In respect of apartments the land is usually owned by the co-owners in undivided shares and Patta is not issued for undivided shares of land. However, it may be possible to get the patta in the names of all the co-owners jointly. Patta issued in the names of joint owners does not specify the shares of the individual owners and in such cases of joint patta, there is scope for confusion. Also, depending on the nature of holding, Urban Land Tax or other taxes may become payable on the basis of joint patta. Otherwise, as related to individual holdings alone, the same may not be payable.

In what cases are patta transferred?

There are a few instances when patta needs to be transferred. Take the case of an owner, having a patta, expiring without leaving a Will. In such cases, the legal heirs of the deceased person are entitled to have patta for the property in their names.

In the case of a person leaving a Will, patta can be transferred to the beneficiary with the consent of others who will be the immediate heirs of the deceased person. The officer concerened may also require the production of Letters of Administration or Order of Probate in appropriate cases.

My seller has a patta in the name of previous owner. Is it mandatory for my seller to have patta in his or her name?

Although, it is possible to have the patta directly in the name of a purchaser or a transferee, after purchase or transfer, it is desirable that patta is available in the name of the seller or the transferor. To a certain extent, there could be an element of comfort if the seller is a known person or the transferor a close relative. It is also possible to ascertain whether patta will be issued in the name of the purchaser or the transferee and in cases where patta is not obtained by the seller or the transferor but documents are in order, it is best to check whether it will be issued directly in favour of the purchaser or the transferee.

The title deeds are in the name of one person. Patta is in the name of somebody else or one or more other persons?

This has to be approached on a case to case basis.

It is also possible to obtain a correct patta if there is an error or omission or oversight. Decision may be taken after obtaining legal advice.

Source and Thanks to: ramanan50.wordpress


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  1. Dear Sir

    I bought a DTCP approved land through bank loan in malaipattu during 2013 September, on the way to Sriperumbattur from Tambaram west. I need to apply for the patta. Please guide me on this

  2. Sir
    I have purchased land( 2400 sft) with house in chennai about 25 years ago.I am staying in that house since then. Now I plan to construct first floor . For this , I need patta in my name as per CMDA rules for getting plan sanction . Now i have applied for patta transfer in my name to Tahsildhar office.

    The old patta is in my previous owners name. unfortunately there is some error in the computerised patta document . The father’s name of previous owner in the patta is not matching with that of my sale deed document.

    The tahasildhar is raising objection to complete the patta transfer.

    will there any hard copy records available in VAo office.
    Which document is legal document. whether it is sale deed or patta.

    please let me know how to proceed in this case


    • Patta is the legal documents. Check the name in previous sales deeds or registered document’s. If there is change in the name contact any known persons in registration office.

      • sir
        Thanks for your response.

        All the previous registered sale deeds contain the same name but it is not matching with that of patta online document. Is there any provision for verifying physically in the VAO office/ Tahasildhar office / Surveyor


        s v rao

  3. Respected Sir,
    We bought a 2400 Sq.Feet Land at Nehru Nagar in Kottivakkam Village last year and also got the Patta Transferred to our name. In the Patta, the land area is mentioned as 2.00 Ares.

    Now we want to apply for construction of our office building. When our Builder approached the CMDA office, they said that they will give clearance only for 2,100 Sq.Feet since the Patta mentions only 2.00 Ares instead of 2.20 since it totally online only and accepts only the lower land value. We are loosing 300 Sq.Feet because of this issue in the Patta and Builder says that we will have to build the Building with 5 feet width provision.

    I visited the Thasildhar office at Sholinganallur for the Patta Correction to 2.20 instead of the 2.00 and they informed me that correction cannot be possible in the Patta. They also said that all the Old Patta’s are rounded off to the lower ares value and CMDA officials know about this.

    Can you please advise me as to how we can get the issue solved or get a new patta with 2.20 ares ?

    • Hi..

      Your surveyor will be able to tell whether the area was incorrectly given to your neighbour or not. Get in touch with the surveyor to understand the issue and proceed with the below process for new patta (missed area). No correction will be done in existing patta.

      Write a petition to Thasildhar regarding this incorrect measurement in the Patta and get it attested from Thasildhar. Go with your documents and attested petition to VAO, RI and then surveyor. These parties may visit the site and recommend Thasildhar to issue patta for the remaining area. Hope this will help.

  4. Sir, very good information. Thanks.

    What is the definition of parent document? This is a area of problem whenever we tried for patta transfers. Some people say, one document before the seller, that is, how seller got that property is enough. Some are saying you need from mother document, which is generally 50+ years before. Please clarify.

  5. Dear Sir,

    My name is Saravanan from Vadakuchipalayam,Chinthamani Post, Villupuram, 605601.
    We have land 60 cents. Which is belongs to my Grandfather and Grand Mother name. They are died in 30 years back. We are applied for patta. but they are asking for My forefather death certificate. I went Vikkiravandi taluk offices. I requested for death certificate tho the officer. He told me, we can’t provide you your Grandfather,GrandMother death certificate such a long years we don’t have documents. You can get it from Lawyer. I don’t know how to get it from Lawyer. Please help me where I will get my fore father death certificate.

    2) In the 60 cents few cents have patta with some unknown person name. We enquired about this to our village VAO. He told me, some mistake is happen when making computerized system. I don’t know who made this mistake. You can contact taluk office. We went the taluk office Vikkiravandi. They are saying we are not responsible. you can meet your serveyur. The Serveyour saying I don’t know how it is happen.
    We have document(Pathhiram) which is belongs to our fore father name. but the officers are no solution are given. I almost two years spend didn’t get the patta.

    Can any one help me how do I get patta for my land.

    My contact number is 9940181440.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chinthamani poat,
    Villupuram Dist.

    • Dear sir,
      Your case is really complicated case..we advice the following :-
      1. contact the local lawyer for Death certificate.
      2. Get the address of the person whose name was in the patta and inquire them how did they get the patta for your land.file a case against them. Servery is the full responsible in this patta can ask the full details from them.

  6. Sir, I own a plot measuring 3200SqFt with 3 survey Nos. I have patta for 2 survey Nos. and dont have for the 3rd one approx 900Sqft. Please tell me how to apply patta for the remaining 900Sqft, Also please tell me whether can I able to sell the plot without having patta for 900Sqft. Thanku

  7. Very useful information. Thanks a ton for posting.

    Small clarifications needed.

    1. We have purchased a plot in an unapproved layout. The entire layout stands in the name of earlier Owner. Do we need to submit sketch for entire layout when we need to transfer the patta into our name in respect of single plot?

    2. Earlier the property fell within jurisdiction of Chidambaram Taluk and now Bhuvanagiri Taluk after the reorganization of Taluks. Now where should we apply for the Patta name transfer?

    • Hi
      Thaks for your kind words.

      1. when applying for patta we need to submit either the full sketch layout or single plot sketch layout(if you have). its not a big issue.
      2. You have to apply Bhuvanagri.
      Imp Note : since you said that u r plot is unapproved plot. first apply online for approval of unapproved plot.last date is 03.05.2017. more details are here apply online for approval of unapproved plots

  8. HI,
    I’m from Malaysia.
    My grandparents got land in Tamilnadu.
    We would like to change the ownership since both of them pastaway.
    May i know what is the procedure to change the ownership.
    Thank you

  9. Sir.
    I bought a dtcp approved plot first sales from a realtor @ urapakkam last month. Immediately on registration I received an SMS reading as.. Dear registrant patta transfer application for your document no…… has been received by Sriperumbudur taluk office and registered with 2018/…….
    What next should I do..there is no means to verify status online as it is asking for application No. which I have no idea at all ..Please help as to what I have to do.

    • you have two options
      1. Goto the register office and get the application number.
      2. Goto the municipality office and ask for status of your application.

      • Thank u sir…I just went to talk [email protected] chetpet.. they say I have to go to sriperumbudur only as the district is kanchipuram and cannot be verified here…
        Thanks sir.. for it valuable guidance..

  10. Hello Sir,

    Your service is really commendable.

    I have a proper registered land documents with layouts for 2 plots that i purchased in a village in trichy with same survey number but with two different sub division number like ( 111/2 & 111/3) and i have the EC too for both of the plots. Now the patta i have got has only one survey number and sub division (i.e., 111/2) in it and it has all the people who are owners. I have not got the patta for 111/3.

    Now please confirm
    1.Do i need to get another patta for the survey number 111/3 ?
    2. if i want to sell both plots would it be an issue if dont have the patta for one of the plot, considering i have the original land registrations documents and EC too for both of them ?


    • 1. yes you need to get patta for 111/3.
      2. there will not be any problem while selling.but if some one forged your documents then it will be a problem. Having patta is double safety for you.

  11. Hello,

    I have to transfer a Patta which is in my father-in-law’s name to my name. There will be no any money transaction involved. My Father-in-Law is in good health.

    Could you please let me know what is the procedure and how much it will cost?

    Thanks in Advance,

  12. Dear sir ,
    I am buying a land in coimbatore in sundakamuthur village . seller brought this land in 1992 . he didn’t added his name in patta . I went for legal opinion .in that EC , title deed and sales deed are clear no issue but patta not in seller name . next week i am already plan to register a land . and the seller till now not yet paid any land tax. after registration should i face any problem about this. and how to change patta in my name after registration.

    • Dear Sir,
      Below is the answer(Remember that the given answer is from our experience, you have to check the local authorities for correct information) for your inquiries :-
      1.(he didn’t added his name in patta .) its is not a big issue since the EC is clear.
      2.(the seller till now not yet paid any land tax)- The seller has to pay tax. but in many situation the seller not care of paying the tax. But you can negotiate in the total amount of land ( around Rs.15000-30000 depending upon the face value). So that when you are planning to build the house that time you can pay the Tax.
      3. (how to change patta in my name after registration.) Go to the taluk office and submit an application for Patta Name Transfer with the copy of your registered land documents. If you are Happy with our answer you can donate any amount you wish by clicking the donate button :)

  13. Hello Sir,
    Information provided by you is very useful to us. Thanks for your service.

    I have bought a piece of land (CMDA Approved) near Thoriapakkam, as the Patta is already exists now I am planning to transfer the patta in my name.
    1. Is it possible to do it myself without a mediator in Chennai?
    2. As patta already exists does the process require LAND SURVEY?
    3. Do you have any guess how much I can afford to the mediator in case if I am unable to handle the government servants?

    Your thoughts will be helpful. Thanks!

  14. i am bala ,living at dharmapuri(dis),i have 50 year old land there no patta for this land ,how to get patta for the land,..8667623805

  15. Sir,I bought a home in kovilpatti which is in Municipal limit under home loan. I applied for name transfer in Town survey records. They told me that i should get patta for my house for name transfer because there is no patta for my house till date. I applied for patta they asked me submit bank attested sale deed for issuing patta. For bank loan customer, it is considered as a original till we repay our loan. I asked my bank for another attested copy but they refused my request citing the reason that it is issued only once. I showed my attested copies to taluk office for verification but they want me to submit it for patta issuance. Now I am helpless. Please advise me in this matter. Thanks in advance

  16. Please let me inform whether “PATTA” can be issued without copy of the Sale Deed and Encumbarance Certificate.

    If PATTA is considered to be a main document for establishing the Ownership of the land what is the need registering a document with the Registration Department spending Stamp Duty and Registration Charges?

    Why don’t the work of Registration and issue of PATTA can be clubbed and handed over either to Thasidar or Registrar of Land Registration so as to avoid inconvenience to the Poor Public?

    • Dear Sir, for you query below is the answer as per my knowledge
      1. yes for Patta Transfer you have to provide the Sale Deed and EC,in order to proceed for the Transfer of Patta in your name.
      2. Registration is the first part of purchasing a piece of land under your name. the whole part of land will be in a single patta name under its owner.after you purachse a pice of land from that area of land, you have to transfer the patta to your name from the owner. this is the second part of work when you purchase a land.
      3. Yes. There is a law/rule/amendment that when a person register a land the registration department should apply for patta transfer on the same day of registration. but registration department not care about this rule.
      hope this will help you.
      thank you sir.

  17. In 1968 my grandfather bought a land. The titled deed of the document is in my grandfather name and also check Encumbrance Certificate (EC) they also in our name. Town surveyor survey the land and building and tell patta name is nearby land owner name is coming. How to change the patta in our name?

  18. Kindly help me getting patta in my name. Purchased land in NBR meadows Hosur. I am in Rajasthan Jodhpur. Suitable person who can take care of my patta transfer. How much would be his fees.

  19. Hello Sir

    I would like to appreciate your swift response for all the queries.

    I have 1600 sq ft land in grama natham in the name of my father in mannivakkam. I have only sale deed. What is the procedure to apply patta in my name.?

  20. i have purchased a plot with 2730 sq.feet. But patta was issued as 2 ares which is equal to 2170 Sq.feet. So i am not having patta for 560 sq.feet. How to get corrected patta for my plot with 2730 Sq.feet

  21. Hi,
    I read through the entire Q&A and was very useful.
    However, I have a few queries. Please clarify.

    I have a property in Villivakkam and I live in Selaiyur, Tambaram.

    I have not changed my name in the patta while I bought the property in villivakkam during the year 2010. Earlier in the thread, you mentioned that we could do the patta name transfer online through eseva. Can I go to the nearest eseva to make the name transfer? or should I go to the concerned eseva? Also, please let me know where is the nearest eseva in tambaram area? Thank you.

  22. Dear Sir,
    1.Form for the Patta request for the cultivable land shall be made available in this side.
    2.Is it possible to apply online for Land Patta.

  23. Hello sir,
    I bought a vacant land 5 years ago through tranfer of power of attorney to my name. As I was in abroad my mother bought on my name with power of purchase on my name.
    Now 5 yrs over, now I want to apply for patta for that land.only 1 situation changed previously I was a Indian passport holder and now foriegn passport holder after buying that land. Is it possible to apply for paataa now?what is the procedure sir?

  24. First of all would like to Appreciate your response to each and every questions…. you doing a fantastic job… my question is regarding how can I get a patta for the property I brought 3 years back in Nazareth…at that time no one in the registration office asked for patta and I was told later that no one got patta in that locality till now…when government allocate patta then it will come under my name….my problem now is I want to sell this property and who ever comes to buy this property they asking for patta….I went to registration office they now say that patta is important while selling my property….they asked me to visit the village office to apply for patta…this office is not assuring when I will get a patta… since I Stay in Mumbai it’s difficult to manage from Mumbai… please guide me how can I get a patta….where should I visit and how to make sure that I will get a patta… Thanks in advance

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