Applying Dubai Visa GCC Residents

Dubai Visa GCC online

Dubai Visa for GCC Residents

Dubai Visa GCC Residents – GCC Residents who are not GCC nationals but who have a high professional status such as company managers, business people, auditors, accountants, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, or employees working in the public sector, their families, drivers and personal staff sponsored by them, are eligible for a non-renewable 30-day visa.

Note :- As of 29 April 2016, GCC residence permit holders will need to apply for a UAE visa before arriving in Dubai.

Service Description

Entry permit is granted to residents of the GCC coming across ports of the State for 30 days from the date of entry and extendable once only.

Who can use this service?

Guest – All the Residents (Iqama Holders) of GCC countries.

Fees Applicable

  1. AED (100) application fee.
  2. AED 100 issuance fee.

 Scanned Documents required for applying Dubai Visa for GCC Residents

  • Passport copies- Applicants’ passports must have at least six months’ validity as of their date of travel to Dubai.
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Iqama copy with a validity of minimum 3 months.
  • Credit Card to pay Visa fees.

Dubai Visa GCC Residents

Follow the below steps to apply Dubai Visa GCC Residents.

If you have any questions,feel free to ask in comment.We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Applying Dubai Visa GCC Residents

Step 1

If you are ready with the above documents, now go to the Ednrd evisa website by clicking the below link

and Goto Step 4


Step 2

Change the language to English

Step 3

Click GCC individual

Dubai Visa GCC residents

You will receive a message which contains the following information’s :-

  • Dear Applicant, obtaining the eVisa before you travel to UAE is a must. eVisa will be sent to you through registered email address in the application once your application is approved only.
  • “GCC Residents” or “GCC Citizen – Accompanies” application will not be approved for any family member or assistant categories if the sponsor is not travelling along with them.
  • GCC Residents Entry Permit is valid for (30) days before entry from issuance date, and stay period after entry is (30) days from entry date, and it is extendable once for (30) days.
  • GCC Accompanied Entry Permit is valid for (60) days before entry from issuance date, and stay period after entry is (60) days from entry date, and it is extendable once for (60) days.
  • Upon arrival if GCC Residency is found to be expired or cancelled , entry permit holder will not be granted entry.
  • If profession of GCC Resident is found to be changed after issuance of this entry permit , entry permit holder will not be granted entry.
  • GCC Residency must be valid at least (3) months from arrival date.
  • Passport must be valid at least (6) months from arrival date.

Click Accept to continue.

Step 4

Create an account (It is free) and Login to your account

Dubai Visa GCC residents

Step 5

Choose GCC Residents (Most of us do a mistake here. Pls be careful to choose GCC resident for you and all your dependent family members)

Dubai Visa Gcc Residents

Step 6

  1. Select the Emirates
  2. Choose the Port of entry of your arrival (Even though I travelled through BUS route arrived arrar batha port, I choose Dubai Airport as port of entry- The reason I cannot find wife as a professions for my wife, when I selected Abu Dhabi Port. But I did not faced any problem)
  3. Complete all the details and translate the English to Arabic by Pressing  TT where ever it is available.

Dubai Visa Gcc residents

Step 7

Contact Details :-
If you are going to stay with your friends/relatives give their address in the UAE address details. If you are going to stay at Hotel you can also give the address of Hotel. Otherwise just give Emirates, E-mail and City.

Step 8

Go to the Dependents details section.

Add all your dependents here. (Since I applied all the dependents new application I did not give their details).It is good idea to add your dependents in your application and apply them separate visa application.

Click Next to continue

Step 9

Document Details:

Now you have to upload your documents

  • Iqama(For your dependents application upload your dependent iqama and also your iqama for fast process)
  • Your Photograph
  • Passport copy

Step 10

Fees Payment:

Now you need a credit card to pay the Fees for your Visa.

The fees may be approximately AED.230-240.

Give your visa card details and pay the amount.

Final Message

Once the amount is paid you will receive the message of your online application details. Your Visa is now in under process. Normally the process will take 2-3 days for your Visa approval. Once your visa approved then you will receive your visa on your e-mail. Generally you will receive your dependent visa on the same day. But some time it takes next day also. So don’t panic. Wait for a Day.

You will receive a Visa like the below image :-

Dubai Visa gcc residents


If you need more information, you can check at

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  1. thanks for reply. I am not getting the accompanied information tab to add my family details. I tried in internet explorer and Google chrome .How can I get the accompanied information tab.? or have to take separate for my family.

        • Dear sir, They are modifying the application form frequently. pls try to fill all the details and check if they are asking for dependents details. if you found pls update us so that we will modify accordingly.

  2. For applying visa for my wife, should we create separate GCC Resident log in account for wife OR it can be applied through my account itself as a next application.?

  3. Hi! I am a GCC Resident. I need to go to Dubai twice this month. Once I exit on my first visit, do I have to get another visa or the first visa that I used is still valid? Thanks. ????

    • as per my knowledge “A single entry visa can only be used once. If a person enters Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or another entry port in the UAE with a visit visa, tourist visa, or transit visa, then after exiting the UAE they must apply for a new entry permit before visiting the country again.”

  4. hi. i applied for uae visa as per your mentioned steps. i forgot to debit my prepaid master card the required visa fee, and proceed for payment. it showed error like ” your application with passport no. xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx nationality already exists. please apply a new application form after an hour. since then, i am trying to resubmit new application after every hour but the website shows same error always…. please advice what to do now???? any other recommended website, where can i apply for visa ????

  5. Hello sir, I have applied for UAE visit visa and I am GCC resident. When I check the status, it is showing Application approved. How many days it takes to issue.? It is almost 5 days over, but still i didnt receive my eVisa.

  6. I have gcc evisa for dubai and i am a resident of Saudi arabia Riyadh…but i will not be travelling to karachi first and then from karachi will go to riyadh. Has anyone had a similar experience??

    • I didn’t get your question. But if you if you want to go Riyadh to Dubai then Dubai to Karachi then return from Karachi to Riyadh then it is possible

  7. Hi Sir,
    I have a couple of queries. I’m a Filipino with Qatar Residency. I have a valid entry e-visa to Dubai which was issued before the current diplomatic issue arose. Will I still be allowed to enter UAE?

    Secondly, because the Flydubai cancelled my flight, I opted to buy ticket via Oman to Abu Dhabi instead of Dubai. If my visa is still valid, will I be allowed entry to Abu Dhabi with my Dubai issued e-visa?

    I hope you could give me valuable information. Thank you

  8. Assalam Alayakum,
    I am a Indian nation working as an Engineer in Saudi, wish to visit Dubai via bus route,
    I was applying online visa, Now the form has new requirement in documents to be attached.
    In addition to Photo, Passport and GCC resident Card a new Document i-e ID is to be submitted. i have Iqama and Passport valid for more than 6 months but i don’t understand what is ID, is it Company or Sponsors ID, Please reply.
    Secondly For family members i-e wife, son and daughter who will be travelling with me, what profession shall I write for them. House wife and Students can we right for them .
    Please clarify.

    • Wallaikum Assalam
      Dear you can try to upload your own iqama or You can also upload scanned your company photo ID card. With your visiting card.
      For family first try with your port of entry and check whether wife profession is available. Bcoz it is not available before. So I choosed port of entry Dubai for me and my family .when you choose Dubai port wife profession is available. Also upload your iqama also for your family.
      If you need future help comment here

  9. Applied for dubai visa under gcc resident , payment unsuccessful.
    Tried to apply again but error message says application already existing try after an hour…
    Tried for 2 days but no use same error.
    Tried the call center but of no use
    Can any one help in this regard

  10. Hi, I am just confused about the type of resident permits; what is difference between “gcc residents entry permit” and “gcc accompanied entry permit”

    • GCC residents entry permit is for expatriates who where entering to UAE by them self. gcc accompanied means the person who is going along with the GCC citizen. Maybe he is his driver, nurse, housemaid etc.,

      • Hi, I am currently holding a UAE resident/ work permit which belongs to free zone, so if I want to apply dependent visa for my wife then it will be GCC resident entry permit or GCC accompanied entry permit ?

  11. Hi, I had applied online VISA two weeks back status is still Application in process . Called the call centre but not able to get help. What I do now

  12. Hi, im traveling to dubai on december and i plan to apply for visa as a gcc resident. My problem is, during vacation, my company takes my iqama in exchange for my passport. When i arrive in Dubai, are they going to require me my original iqama as a proof of my residency?can a photocopy of my iqama be enough as a proof?thankz

    • Hi if you request and inform to your company that you need your iqama to go to Dubai they will give. But for me they did not asked my iqama at any place in Dubai. So try to take your iqama. If not possible dont worry

  13. sir i applied my child under establishment bymistake instead of gcc resident and attached only her id, photo and passport copies in document section. now i got message to submit a copy of establishment of sponsor. so i reliaded with my passport copy alongwith my id. is it ok to get visa for my child. awaiting your valuable reply.

  14. Hi,
    I have already uploaded required documents and I got the status as visa in process. After two days when I check the status, it shows that further documentation is required as ” sponsored GCC Residency” as given below. What documents am I suppose to be attached with this?
    Under “Document Name” There are Four documents to be attached.
    1. Sponsored Passport page 1
    2. GCC Residency
    3. Sponsored GCC Residency
    4. Person Photo

    Awaiting your valuable reply..

  15. Dear Sir,
    I am having GCC resident visa and applied for visitor visa through GDRFA application. I submitted all documents properly. Initially the system was showing application in process and next day it was shown as “application rejected”. The GDRFA site not showing any reason for rejection. Even itried to “re upload documents” it is showing “No data found”. Finally is bumitted for refund .How can i know the reason for rejection, so that next time i can prevent such loss.

  16. Sir,
    Me and my wife both having GCC resident visa valid for another 6 months.(Note: I am the sponsor for my wife and she is not working) . For apply visit visa to UAE related to my wife, which option i have to choose, either GCC resident or GCC citizen accompanied.
    Thanking you for your suggestion.

  17. i applied visitor’s visa under GCC resident for my wife .
    BY mistake i selected the gender as “Male” and the visa application showing in progress. How to correct it. Note:The visa is not approved

  18. Hi Admin Good day to you,
    I have a GCC residency which expires end of Feb next year. But I wanna travel to Dubai last week of Dec for a week or so In Sha Allah. Will I be facing any issue?
    Because one of the criteria for applying visa is: ◾Iqama with a validity of minimum 3 months.

  19. Hello,

    actually some thing is still confusing , which is “Accompanied Information”, my question is
    1 – if we have to apply separately then why should i add my dependent in “Accompanied Information” or is there any extra advantage in terms of acceleration of visa process.

    I have two daughters and a wife.

    Kindly clear my understanding please.


  20. one more question , what should we select in sponsor type, as i am working Company in Saudi Arabia, so shall i select GCC resident or establishment ??

  21. I am a GCC resident. By mistake, I entered the wrong gender for my wife when applying for visa. Her visa is approved. Will it cause a problem at the border?

  22. I would like to ask about the Passport validity, it says here should be 6 month valid from date of your travel? but when you click this link which is state above. it says here 3months valid passport? i would like to ask which one here is the right one? 3 months or 6 months. Im currently working here in riyadh and plan to visit dubai this dec 22, 2017 but my passport expiring on may 20, 2018 so if you count down 6 month less it will be dec 20, 2017 while my travel date is dec 22-25 2017. i will appreciate for your response

    Thank you

    • Hi there are some changes recently done by gdrfa. It is a official website. If they say 3 months. Then that is enough. So if you have 3 month validity you can apply

    • As far as my interpretation, If you hold a residence permit, your passport must be valid for at least 3 months in order to travel into the country as well as admin can provide more better response then me as he is best guider for all legal issues of UAE.

      • Hi
        Thanks for your kind words.this website is created for sharing the useful information to the users. you can also share some information or articles using user posts corner.

        • Hi,

          The evisa service for GCC residents starts on 2015, but at that there were too many bugs in this website due to that reasons so many peoples lost there money for issance of UAE visa, even my self also paid extra amount to agent for getting UAE visa.

          now i again want to visit UAE , so i am interested to know about the accuracy of this website, can i apply now or still this website in testing phase.

          please reply.

  23. Hello Sir, I am trying to apply online I am Yemeni nationality, profession is electronic technician. But when i select GCC resident and in the professions column I cant see my profession and it is showing only professions like house maid, driver etc no high class profession and when I selected “GCC citizen- accompanied” it is showing my profession but I am travelling alone. Please help me what to do.

  24. there is some more questions as under
    in Applicant Address (UAE) Detials
    1- what should we select in City (Unknown, Bur Dubai , Deira, Hata)
    2- What should we select in Area, P.O box, Building, Street, Telephone, Flat and etc. (al though we don’t know about it)
    3- in documents details, its required sponsored passport page 1 , page2, page3, and page 4,(but 2,3 & 4) are optional, can we leave to attached

  25. Hello
    I applied for my wife under establishment by mistake instead of gcc resident and attached only her id, photo and passport copies in document section. now i got message to submit a copy of establishment of sponsor,please what do I do?Do I upload my passport copy and Iqama? awaiting your valuable reply.

  26. hai,
    please confirm what city have to write under Applicant Address (UAE)Details, City = ???, its showing any options , unknown, hata, bura dubai , daira dubai

  27. hai dear all,

    I am from Pakistan residing in Saudi Arabia, I have some confusion needs to be cleared prior to apply so i find your platform to get my answers In Sha Allah.

    1- Can i leave for Dubai from Jeddah on the basis of Evisa, purchase one side ticket from Jeddah to Dubai, then i will stay in dubai for 5 days after that i want to leave for Karachi also stay 5 days then come back to Jeddah.

    if anyone have any other best options so please guide me.

      • Boss can you tell me what to write details in gcc sponsor and when iam selecting Alain its sub options not opens….redaring document’s i will upload jpg files what size needed and can i uplod my famimy documents with same my documents

        Last question about 1 child and infant how to apply there visa ?? Whatbto write in profesion etc

        • as per my experience you can choose any port and travel or enter in any port.(please kindly check the officials using chat options).size is not a big concern but the file should be clear to view.for your family you are the sponsor. so you can upload your documents. child you have to apply VISA separately.

    • My travel itinerary is from Saudi to Dubai,spend a week and visit Kenya.After which I would return to Dubai to board a flight back to Saudi same day.Can I apply for a single entry UAE visa?
      Note:I would be using a Ethiopian airlines back to Dubai and Saudi air back to Saudi arabia

  28. I would need to reclaim my bag from Ethiopian airlines before heading to check into Saudia airlines.Would I be able to do these with my single entry visa,considering that I would be entering Dubai a second time?

  29. I have 2 queries
    1] what should i select as my wife[Housewife]/kid’s profession?
    2] Other than me, other family members still carrying my ex employers sponsored Visa ….will it it create problem?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi
      1. SELECT house wife.if you did not find at your port of entrance choose another port.
      2. Since they travel along with you it will not create problem. But pls confirm with the customer care

  30. Dear sir,
    I’m an Oman Resident working in a college. My wife just joined me on family visa just one month before. And my doubt is that whether should she complete six months stay in oman to apply for a Dubai visit visa? We are planning to cross the boarder by road.
    Kindly reply.
    Thank you

  31. Dear Sir,

    I am an student in Local University in Oman. I applied for a visit visa to Dubai and chose GCC Citizen as sponsor type instead of Establishment due to confusion. Now it is asking for the picture of the establishment of the sponsor. Please guide me what to do and how I can resolve the issue. Your prompt reply will be really helpful.

    • Hi,
      Dont worry if they reject your application.They will refund your money then you can apply a new fresh application. Expats are not entitle to apply through GCC citizen. We are GCC residents.Hope this message will help you.

  32. Dear Sir / Madam
    I want to travel to Dubai on Holiday trip with my wife and 2 sons. I am Indian currently working in Oman. Can we travel to Dubai through Hatta Border without applying online visa. Can we get visa at Hatta border? Earlier I travelled during Dec 2015 and got visa at Hatta border. Some of my friends says we can get visa at border. Kindly advise.

  33. Hello admin! Can I put Dubai airpot even if I’m traveling by road from Riyadh? My profession (Quantity Surveyor) only appears when choosing Dubai airport as port of entry. I hope you can advice me about this. I’m waiting for the reply from the customer care. Thank you!

      • Thank you for your prompt reply! Did you also travel with the same condition? I’m still having doubts. I just want to make sure. Thanks again admin!

          • Hello again admin! Do you know what to put in residence issue date of my wife? I cannot find it in iqama or in abshir. Thank you!

          • I’m now applying for my wife’s e-visa, do you think I should make another account for her? Because everytime I apply for her e-visa, the website keeps displaying error for 2 days now.

        • Dear Michel,
          Did you faced any problem by choosing “Dubai airport” and travelling by road. Are they enquired about this during you enter UAE by road. Today I chat with AMER customer support, they are telling not possible to allow by road if I choose “Dubai airport”.

  34. hai, actually by mistake i typed date of arrival is 08-12-2017 although i have to typed 08-01-2018. and i have submitted the application already can anyone please guide how can i change the date or no problem to keep like this as the visa will normally valid for 3 months.

    please advice

    • Hi,
      Did you received the VISA?
      If received check the row “Vaild Until :” you can see the visa valid date. so that you can use it until the specified date.

    • hi,
      i already replied to u r question.anyway again here
      Did you received the VISA?
      If received check the row “Vaild Until :” you can see the visa valid date. so that you can use it until the specified date.”

  35. hai, yes i have received the visa but the validity date is less then my required date, anyhow thanx all of you for your supportive comments.

    Now, i want to cancel this visa as the validity of date is not matching as i required.

    1- what is the procedure of cancellation Visa
    2- if i cancelled then immediately can reapply for another visa.

  36. amazing and surprising experience while i was trying to cancel my visa, i saw the visa attachment is wrong with the same my visa no. , i mean they attachment information of other person instead of me but only picture and visa no. are same.

    what should i do ???

  37. amazing and surprising experience while i was trying to cancel my visa, i saw the visa attachment is wrong with the same my visa no. , i mean they attachment information of other person instead of me but only picture and visa no. are same.

    what should i do, can apply for cancellation or contact someone

  38. i have properly cancelled visa thoroughly official website, i hope i can reapply and get on the same day.

    or MOI will make problem with me that, i have cancelled his visa.

  39. Brother i m bahrain resident and taking e visa .
    Can i travel to india and thn from india to dubai using e visa and from there to bahrain.
    Please reply

  40. Hi, Am working in Oman wants to apply UAE visit VISA. GCC Individual log in page is not working ever after many attempts. i put my email ID it is not taking. I thought my password could be wrong, i clicked FORGOT PASSWORDS then it says password is reset; when i checked in Inbox there is nothing email. Please guide. i want to apply visit VISA to UAE

  41. Dear Admin,

    Is it necessary to bring original iqama (KSA – Resident) with us or photocopy is enough to bring with me , as i will leave to Pakistan from UAE so i don’t want to take orignal iqama with me.

    please inform,


  42. I am Indian National and GCC resident(Saudi). I am trying to apply for UAE visit visa.

    1) When I select sponsor type as establishment it is asking for 2 sponsor addresses. But our sponsor company has only one address. Shall i give same address in both?

    2) When I select sponsor type as ‘GCC resident’ also, it is asking for 2 addresses. Shall i give my Saudi & Indian Addresses?

    • Also my profession “General Systems Analyst” is not available. It has only “Systems analyst” can i select the same?

      • hi, thanks for your quires.

        1. you can give your Saudi sponsor address and if you have any friend in UAE you can give their address also or you can give the hotel address where you are going to stay in UAE.

        2.profession “General Systems Analyst” – try to check other ports of entry whether profession “General Systems Analyst” available in UAE VISA application portal. if not available then you can select. (dont worry if application is rejected for any case your money will be returned back automatically). but apply atleast 15-20 days before the date of travel.

  43. Hi Sir,

    Greetings to you.
    I have a query. I work in Oman. My colleague of Sudani nationality need to take uae visa. He is travelling with another Omani colleague. So what type of visa is to be taken? Is it okay to take GCC Accompanied visa? Sudani colleague have a job status of technician.

  44. Hi, I got the email that visa request for my wife and daughter is approved. I did not receive the e-visa in email, but was able to take the print for the MOI portal. The issue is the airport it shows as Abudhabi International Airport, even though I have selected Dubai airport. Can someone let me know if they can still arrive at Dubai airport and complete the immigration process?
    Thank you

  45. Hi, I got the email that visa request for my wife and daughter is approved. I did not receive the e-visa in email, but was able to take the print for the MOI portal. The issue is the airport it shows as Abudhabi International Airport, even though I have selected Dubai airport. Can someone let me know if they can still arrive and depart from Dubai airport and complete the immigration process?
    Thank you

  46. Hi, Really great work you have done for guiding people. Currently I am holding resident visa of Oman and planning for to visit Dubai but I am not clear for few points to fill online application, I will appreciate if you guide for this.I have work visa for Oman and my sponsor is my company and my wife and kid is on family visa these are also finally sponsored by my company So as the condition in online form says “GCC Citizen – Accompanies” application will not be approved for any family member or assistant categories if the sponsor is not travelling along with them.”So how I can apply? as my company is sponsor and how they can travel with me? Or for applying I should mention my company as my sponsor and for my family I should mention myself as sponsor? Second thing for me I should select establishment as sponsor and mention my company name? As I am employee with work visa so GCC resident can not be my sponsor as per my understanding. 3rd my resident card/Iqama is valid for more then 3 months at the time of applying visa but when I am planning for visit it will remain 2 and half months, So may I face any issue at airport due to less than 3 months validity?
    Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

    • Dear sir, GCC Citizen – Accompanies option is not for us. it is only for the GCC citizen. you have to choose GCC resident. Your company is the sponsor for are the sponsor for your family members. i am not sure about the 2.5 months problem. but i think when you received your entry VISA,you are eligible to enter.

  47. Hi, If I fill form online I can not find my profession “Network Specialist” in list also no any other technical professions are listed so what should be selected here?

  48. Hi thanks for your prompt response. So in my visa application I should select establishment and then sponsor my company name? for family I should mention me as sponsor but on passport of my wife and child sponsor name is my company name so no issue? How much charges will be deducted for each applicant?

  49. i am GCC resident and travelling from Riyadh(KSA) to Dubai by road. In visa application what route i have to mention?

  50. Hello, the online form on GDRFA site for GCC Residents visit visa, the Port of Entry drop down list of values for Emirate – now a days shows ONLY Dubai – no choices.(earlier few months ago it used to show all the Emirates). so if I want to apply for entry thru Abu Dhabi airport or Sharjah airport , how can I do it?

      • Did you try the form recently? I opened the form yesterday and the LOV for Emirate is showing only one value ‘Dubai’…no other choices. If u are able to see names of all other Emirates in that list, could you pls share the link of the site you used? I will try with that link.

  51. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your information above.
    I have same questions. If I select Dubai Airport as a “Entry of Port” and travelling by car from Riyadh, will they allow me.
    I was struck with this lack of info last one week.

      • Thanks. I applied visa by choosing “Dubai Airport” and got visa within 4hours. I will update (3rd week of Jun) again if any problem while crossing the border of Saudi Arabia.

      • Admin – are you confirming that now you also see only one Emirate name in the list ( Dubai) ? how about visitors who want to enter by air into Sharjah or Abu Dhabi – what should they do for online visa?

        • Anybody – please let me know urgently if u open the online application form, in the Emirate column – are you seeing only Dubai listed there or are you seeing the names of all other emirates – in the list of names?

  52. Im planning to Dubai from dammam via road but its not showing abudhabi which is first port of entry to UAEO. ONLY Dubai option available with Dubai ports and airport entry .what should I select .please advice

    • dear sir,
      before i choose Dubai Airport and travelled through Araar Batha port(via Abudhabi) there is no problem. but now you have to confirm with the concern authorities. you can chat with them through Amer chatting service. i gave the link in one of the below comment. pls go down and check with them.

  53. Checked with Amer service they said .I have to check with abudhabi immigration and he gave number 00971 24462244.. please share if any one have latest personal experience about the port of entry issue

  54. Hi…

    I am from Bahrain resident, working as an Electrical engineer at Electricity and water Authority. I like to Visit Dubai with family , i have doubt regarding to fill Sponsor name , sponsor address 1 & 2.


  55. @shridhar : for your applicationu have to mention your sponsor name or company name who provided you visa and adress1 n 2 mention your company adress1. For family u r sponsor and ur adress

  56. hi,
    what is the difference between GCC residency and sponsored GCC residency?
    because they told me re-upload sponsored GCC residency.
    also send they told me re-upload passport pages not clear.the size mentioned 100 KB means minimum 100 KB or maximum 100 KB please reply ASAP

  57. I have completed all the steps while applying visa. payment via credit card also done and accepted. The payment website showed that I will now be redirected to merchant website. but it showed error. now my application is shown as “Not posted”. please guide how to convert it to “Posted”. all documents and details were accepted. Thanks

  58. I am a resident of Oman. I have a valid visa until Feb 2020 but my wife’s visa will expire on 12 Aug 2018 (less than 3 months). Can we I apply for both?

    • dear sir.. you can try to apply first for your wife.if she got visa then you can apply for you. if you did not recive the visa then then will pay back your money.

  59. a GCC resident and am applying for UAE visa along with my family. I already had uploaded the pic of my wife alongwith her iqama and passport copy but they are asking for Sponsored Passport page1, person pic and gcc residency..what else do i need to upload for this?

  60. Hi I am a GCC resident travelling from Dammam to Dubai via Abu Dhabi (ALGOUIFAT PORT border). Tried to apply through but the payment site is not working. Then I tried with ‘’. Applied together for myself and for wife on 9th June,2018 (Me as Primary Request). My request status shows as RECEIVED, but wife’s “RETURNED FOR CORRECTION” saying “Sponsor’s visa does not exist”. For family already attached Passport ( First & Last Pages and mine’s), Both Iqama, and family Photo. Still the remark shows “Sponsor’s visa does not exist”. I waiting for my VISA so I can attach the same visa for family’s request.
    I applied with option of Establishment as the technical professions are available only with Establishment selection. Wife’s Sponsor given my name and the profession as HOUSEWIFE. Please let me know anyone’s has the same experience.

      • Admin,
        Still didn’t receive visa and it’s over 8 days after application. Is there any option to cancel the visa application ?


        • It is usual some time it will take 2-3 weeks to issue a VISA. pls chat with Amir service about your issues or login to your account and try to cancel your VISA.

          • Admin, Thanks for your feedback.

            I tried to cancel visa application as my plan to travel (during Eid holidays) failed since the VISA not ready. There is no option to cancel the application ( I contacted the authority) however once the visa issued we can cancel it. My doubt in case if we cancel the visa, is it refundable or not ?

            Would appreciate for your feedback

  61. Dear Admin , When I choose Establishment on;y I am getting my profession and House wife . and child what we have to choose . pls guide me .thanks

      • Hi…I am from KSA. My husband applied for UAE visiting visa on 25th July 18 for himself ,me and our daughter. His visa was processed immediately. We got a response on the other two applications just today. For mine they are asking to upload sponsored passport page 2,and for our kid they demand sponsored passport page 4. We are from India, the first page of Indian passport bears the colour photo and other personal datas, then only the last page of the passport bears other identification details. All other’s are blank pages for visa stamping. So I don’t get what do they mean by page 2 and 4. Which pages of my husbands’ passport are we to upload.Kindly respond.

  62. I am a gcc resident in saudi. My wife is a saudi and she is my sponsor. How can i apply for dubai visa. When i fill the application it keeps giving me ” please contact gdrfa for clarification??? Why

  63. HI,
    I have applied for UAE visa from Saudi Arabia online. I received the comment today on my wife application as” يجب ارفاق صورة تأشيرة الكفيل, The sponsor’s visa must be attached”.
    I should attach my Iqama copy or Visa copy now?

  64. Dear admin
    I am a resident in saudi and i am a husband of gcc national. I applied through for dubai visa as GCC accompanied. Is it ok?

  65. Hi, I’m Indian pharmacist residing at Oman. How to apply for my wife as dependent? From the same I’d of mine? How to add dependent in my account?

  66. Hi I have applied through their new site an got visa for my self, I applied for wife and its in process. I am Trying to apply for my kids (girl less than 3 yrs) (boy less than a year), but it always gives an error. any guess or feed back about the issue.

  67. Hi, I want to travel to Dubai this month with my wife by road from Riyadh to Dubai and seems like the processes and application is changed since this blog was made. Can you please tell me the steps to apply visit visa for both of us? and what border should I select?
    Should I apply visa from EChannel or from Amer portal?
    My profession is Computer Technician and it is not there in list of echannel but the amer portal does have computer technician in profession list.

    Can you please advice me?


  68. Sir i need to know when i apply for my visa what to give details in gcc sponsor and twll me how to apply for family wife and 1 child and 1 infant

  69. I have submitted application for UAE VISA online. payment was successful. but within few minutes I have received an email says that application was rejected to receive. what it mean.

  70. Hi,
    I am travelling on Employment Visa to Dubai, may i apply online Visit visa only for My wife and children. IF yes, kindly advice the procedure ASAP.

  71. Dear Admin,
    you have a good experience of uae online visa process, as you know the procedure of submitting uae visit visa for gcc resident has been changed after july -2018, there is a lot of new items added like, makani no. , building no. and sponsor id , sponsor residency and etc.,

    however, it is really requested to make a jpg clips as before you made for old website and paste, even i don’t what to attached in sponsor id(although i am working in company) how can i bring their and as well as mentioned sponsor residency (how can i bring),

    please please admin it is request

  72. Dear Admn,

    There is a new option in the documents required. I put my company’s details as my sponser and then they asked to upload identification of GCC sponser. Do you know what should i upload please?

  73. Dear Sarah
    I had online chat with AMER Team and found that identification of GCC Sponser is Company CR Certificate(Comercial Registration) -First Page


  75. hi, I applied visit visa for dubai from KSA but for wife without Iqama is it possible to apply, her visa is multiple exit- eentry for one year

  76. Hello, I have been granted the gcc resident visa however my sponsor is not traveling with me. Should I apply for a normal tourist visa?

  77. Hello Admin,
    I am Indian working in Oman and living with wife and son.
    My Father in law and mother in law are here since last 2 month as a family visit visa base.
    Now i want to travel to Dubai with all family member for 7 days visit.
    I and my wife and son got visit visa through online application.
    I am tring to get same for my in laws, but it was rejected.
    We are going to travel by road with my personal car.
    Please tell me how to get my in laws visa online? can i select GCC citizen accompaies during application?
    Need urgent support

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