Create your E-mail ID in your own language using BSNL Free Datamail service

BSNL Free Datamail service

E-mail ID in your own language 

BSNL Free Datamail service :- 

Public sector telecom provider, BSNL has tied up with DataMail to provide BSNL Free datamail service for local language email ids to its customers in Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi. Eventually the email service will be offered in 22 Indian languages.

DataMail is leading to bridge the gap in between English and Non-English writing/reading population. DataMail brings an Email Address in the language of the users choice and allows communication to the world in preferred language. BSNL Free datamail service offers an Email address in your language.

For example today I created my account using BSNL Free Datamail service in my own tamil language

கணேஷ்[email protected]இந.இந்தியா

This is the first time I created my e-mail in a language other than English.

It is believed that Datamail is the world’s first free linguistic email address service provider. This service is provided through mobile app and can be accessible through computers using all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Netscape, Safari and Flox.

BSNL, DataMail services are free for everyone through the simple Mobile app download on IOS and Android phone and anyone can go on their play store and download DATAMAIL and gets their first email address in their preferred language i.e Internationalised Email Address.

Other Benefit of BSNL Free Datamail service :-


Datamail launches voice-based social media feature named DataRadio. DataRadio is the fully Made in India and unique social media solution integrated with Datamail.

What is DataRadio ?

DataRadio is an inbuilt feature in DataMail which is designed to flash one-way information/ communication to the audience. It includes both voice and text based social media feature which is available to DataMail users free of cost.

User of Datamail can create a radio channel using name of his or her choice. Anyone who is aware of about name of channel can subscribe it. The broadcast message/Audio will appear in the notification sent by Datamail app.

Who can use DataRadio 

DataRadio is free of cost feature of DataMail , everyone can use this feature to connect with their peer groups. It is of great use for ministries and the allied departments in the country, panchayats , doctors, banks, education universities, Lister personalities where one way communication plays a major role.

Benefits of DataRadio
1) Save cost of sms
2) Broadcast information to millions of people in one go
3) Listen to voice message anytime and anywhere.
4) Helps in products and services building to specific interest community
5) Can get or spread information of offers and updates any company can broadcast their latest updates/plans/offers/promotions
6) Great tool for affiliate marketing

How to create, join and broadcast message using DataRadio 

How to create DataRadio channel

Open DataMail app and open DataRadio either from menu bar or radio icon on your android phone. To create your own radio channel click on “create channel” option , type channel name & click on “create” channel. And share your channel through share option and send invite to your targeted audience to tune your channel.

Your friends/fans/followers or we can say your audience with whom who have shared your channel will receive the message which contains your channel name and link of DataMail app . If the DataMail is not installed in your friends/fans/followers phone then they can install DataMail app form link.
And join your channel once they join you can view count in your channel and they get option to further share your channel with same interest community.

Quick steps on how to create DataRadio channel 

→ Open DataMail app
→ Click on radio button
→ Click on create channel
→ Type channel name
→ Click on “create
→ Share channel with your friends having same interest (and created channel name will be displayed in your created channel list)
Note : – The moment your friends/fans/followers tuned to your channel your channel will display the total number of the listeners tuned yo your DataRadio channel.

How to tunein DataRadio channel 

Open the message shared with you. See the channel name. Now open your DataMail app and click on the radio button then click on the “tune” option and type channel name that you want to join and click on “join”. You will see that the channel name will get added in the “tuned channel” list.

Quick steps on how to tunein DataRadio channel

Note : – to tune channel you must know the channel name.

→ Open DataMail
→ Click on radio button
→ Click on tune
→ Write channel name
→ Click on join ( and joined channel name will be displayed in your joined channel list )

How to send broadcast in form of voice or text

To broadcast message click on broadcast icon in adjacent of channel name . Type “subject name” and text message select “text option” and click on broadcast. You can also broadcast voice message with the option “message” to do so click on the speaker icon. Now start recording your voice message. Once you are done with your recording click again on the mike icon and then click on broadcast.
When broadcast will be received at the listeners end push notification will be received. User can select that notification & can view list of all the messages that are received through channel user can receive audio messages also in push notification and there they can play/pause it.

Quick steps on how to broadcast in form of voice or text 

Text broadcast
→ Open DataMail
→ Click on radio button
→ Click on broadcast icon
→ Click on write text (mention brief title in subject and broadcast message in body )
→ Click on broadcast

Voice broadcast
→ Open DataMail
→ Click on radio button
→ Click on broadcast icon
→ Record voice broadcast (mention title and click on mike button to start /stop recording )
→ Click on broadcast


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