How to Check all SIM Cards registered on your IQAMA?-Saudi Arabia

SIM Cards registered IQAMA

How to Check all SIM Cards registered on your IQAMA?

Check all SIM Cards registered IQAMA in a single click


Communication and Information Technology Commission(CITC) offers a great service to the residents to check the SIM details which was registered from their IQAMA.

If the Iqama holder have any objections they can also file a complaint.

CITC offers a service called My numbers where we can check our Sim card details. Here is the below details about the service and instruction about how to check Sim details:-

My numbers’ service allows users to know details about all telephone numbers and data SIM registered with their IDs in Telecom Service Providers systems in order for the users to monitor their numbers and ensure no SIM registered with their names without permissions. CITC is looking forward to ensure user protection, maintain privacy, prevent misuse of user’s credentials by others without permissions.


Type the ID number of the user and the mobile number registered with that ID. In case the user does not have a subscription, the user can check that by typing the ID details.


In case any user found a number registered with his name without his permission or found a failure to execute an earlier request to cancel the service by the service provider, a complaint should be reported to the service provider immediately using the complaints services on CITC website choosing the appropriate service provider, complaint type, and providing the details of the SIM number being reported. If there is an objection regarding the validity of the information provided by ‘My numbers’ service and the complaint of the user has not been resolved by the service provider within 5 days, the user can escalate the complaint to CITC.

Check all SIM Cards registered IQAMA in a single click

Click The below link to check all SIM Cards registered on your IQAMA:-

Other methods to check SIM Cards registered IQAMA:-

Identification of Mobile SIM cards registered in the subscriber’s name

​​In order to ensure that no SIM cards are registered in the name of the subscriber without his knowledge, the Commission in coordination with Saudi Telecom Company (Jawwal), Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), and Saudi Mobile Telecommunications Co. (Zain) has developed a free of charge mechanism that enables the subscriber to know the number of SIM cards registered in his name, as follows:

​Company ​M​​ethod
​ Saudi Telecom Company (Jawwal) Sending SMS message containing the number (9988) to the number (900)
​ Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) ​ Sending a blank SMS message to the number (616166)
​ Saudi Mobile Telecommunications Co. (Zain) ​ Sending a blank SMS message to the number (700123)
​Virgin Mobile Saudi consortium LLC MVNO ​Sending a blank SMS message to the number (309985)
​​​Etihad Jawraa for Telecom and Information Technology Company MVNO ​Sending SMS message containing Letters (ID) to the number (1755)​


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