Correcting smart card details online Tnpds website

Correcting Smart card details online tnpds

Correcting Smart card details online tnpds

Procedure Correcting smart card details online Tnpds website is described in Tamil in the video given at the article.

Tamil Nadu Government started giving the smart card instead of old Ration card. The old ration cards will be converted automatically in to the smart ration by the government. The existing ration card holders will receive an PIN on their mobile and they can collect their smart ration card from their nearest distribution center by showing the SMS or showing the old ration card.

Tamil Nadu government announced that general public can check their details online before Smart card getting printed.

Watch the video at the article to get instructions in Tamil about Correcting Smart card details online tnpds.

Peoples where start complaining that there are more mistakes in the Smart card. There are more complaints about the address printed on the Smart Card. It is also necessary to check our details before complaining the government.

We can check the Smart Card details and correct the mistakes online before it gets printed. This article will explain you about how to check the details and correct the details. 

Correcting smart card details online tnpds

Watch the below video for the Tamil explanation how to correct the Smart card details:-

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Below is the step by step procedure for correcting smart card details online for Smart Ration/Family Card in Tamil Nadu.



Go to the official website of Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System at


Click on “Beneficiary Login / பயனாளர் நுழைவு” on the top right side of the website.


After clicking on this link, You will be directed to login page, where you can provide the register mobile number and click send OTP.

You will receive one time password. Give that one time password and login to your account.


Click “Smart Card Details Edit” on the left hand side. Check all the details were correct. If anything wrong click the edit option and change the details.

Check the below image for the sample Smart Card Details.

Most asked question and its answer :-

What is the next step Once your correction is approved and the changes are reflected online?

How and When can i get new updated Smart Card?

Answer : Go to the nearest e-seva center with your registered mobile and print your new smart card instantly .

To know everything about TNPDS Online-Smart Card-Ration Card – click below link

If you did not apply for the Smart Card please follow this link to know how to apply for Tamil Nadu Smart Ration card.  Click here

If you want to know how to add or change the smart card photo, follow the below link  Click here or watch the below video and subscribe us :-


Please remember to provide supporting document proof where ever it’s required.


After doing all the corrections and submitting the required document. Click the acknowledgement to accept the corrections and Click “Submit for approval”.

After submitting the corrections, you will be provided a reference number which will help you track the status of your Submission.

To know everything about TNPDS Online-Smart Card-Ration Card – click below link

Smart Card Helpline

For any queries or doubts you can call the toll free helpline number of Public Distribution System at 1967 or 1800-425-5901

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      • Hi, It is explained there in greater detail. First you have to browse to the picture that needs correction. Then it will show the maximum and minimum of those images on the same page with the file size. To get to the size, you have to reduce or add pixels no in the new size column. Just leave other things as they are. Now, once you change by adding or reducing, you could simaltaneously watch the image and its file size. If it is near 10kb, say at 9.93 to 9.95 kb. Just save the file from that page and then upload in the tnpds in the Head of the family , upload photo column. This tool i find is free tool and also quick fix for our task of uploading photos to the smart card

  1. Should i change the or details in both the languages, tamil and english or, english translation is enough. which language i will get the smart card. my card is not yet ready. So i do not get the aadhar details menu

      • Thanks . But when i try to update in tamil the wrong street name, the suggestion does not give exact equivalent of my street name. Whatever be the tries, it does not match. i could upload the photo of recommended size but, i could not view the same after success upload

          • Hi, Thanks for the tips. But just imagine correcting tamil translations of cards by persons not knowing how to do. They could have scanned the address also at the backside, when we gave them aadhar. It has taken nearly 2hours to edit. It is not easy, as every enclosure has to be sent as proof. Not only that every photo should be with in 10kb, and enclosures shoud be less than 100 kb. But when you normally scan aadhar card in small form, card form, it takes more than 140 kb. This you have to make it 100 kb, by editing and saving to required sizes. Imagine the no of entries one has to change, if the father name is spelt , as female gender name and every member is added with aadhar details of father in front. So, i do not think that it is easy to edit. Thanks for your tips.

          • Thanks for giving your feedback.It is government procedure at least now simplified to do it in one place(on your computer)rather than making as to go here and there. but sure it is very painful job.

          • I also conveyed a bug in their complaint form, which will not be submitted with the other of invalid format error. I tried so many tricks by removing even fullstops. I contacted their helpline and then it is now fixed. You could send any complaint now you are facing.Even submitting of 10 kb photo gives you pain. Unless, you have the expertise , you just cannot send the correct sized photos to be in Family Head Photo colomn. Particularly , i have used an online site for fixing this issue. Otherwise, either it may be too small or kind of extended display of photo distorting look etc.

          • Hi, I also gave a feedback of sort, to the department, to get the back page details of aadharcard from uidai, source, which could be just used for tamil translation for the first stage of correcting the details for smart card print. Normally, those may also have some corrections, but which does not need total correction of details as of now. I think you understand what i mean. In aadhar card you are having the details of your name, individual name and address, both in english and tamil. Almost the scanning process is over now. If they had scanned these details as well, when they scanned our photo and aadhar numbers, then this edit process woud have been sizably made easy. I am concerning about the masses at low strate of the economy who do not know much computer operations and they have to go the nearest browsing centres to do. The awareness is still to spread. Those who have known tnpds, would go there and edit but what about the others?
            Yes , you are correct, that one could correct the details from one place. But i think that this is limited percent coverage. Thanks for all valuable tips. I will give the online photo tool if you permit the link here. Thanks .

          • Sure you can
            If you are intetested to post some useful articles you are most welcome to post under user post.
            You can help others by spreading your knowledge.
            You can any article related to our website menus.

          • Thanks admin. The useful link to reduce the photo size is given below. Pl check it before okay it. What is the advantage is once browsed and then select the width , you could easily adjust the new size to see the size of the file. Once you are sure that it gives about 9.95, which is less than 10kb, then you get the photo clear without any quality loss.
            Once you browse, it will show the two possible compressions in the figure in the link.

      • Hi, Normally the picture if it is scanned , it would come to about 140 to 150 kbs in jpg format. This you have to make it to 10 kb without quality loss. So , i suggest that tool, which will be very easy. This tip is particularly useful for the persons who are self changing the details with their computer.

  2. hi sir i have add one family member in this web but no add no come acknowledgement , show the result godown id cannot be null . i want add my brother . please help us

  3. I have entered details in the given site properly with right english names as well as in Tamil correctly. But when i received the smart card, the local language has messed up my name as well as all the family name is interpreted wrongly in tamil language. I think all the people who work in entering and printing the cards do not care about whether it is right or wrong. How to get the new smart card again with correct names of myself and my family entered in.?

  4. My name is misspelled as Andhanan instead of Anthanan. I try to correct using tnepds app and also raise a ticket. But solved yet. How to change online or through app. thank u

  5. My name is misspped as Andhanan instead of Anthanan. I try to correct using tnepds app and also raise a ticket. But not solved yet. Kindly help to change the name.

    • Pl note that change of card details cannot be done in mobile app. You have to go to Tnpds website. Just type tnpds in google and you get. You go to the user entry, or beneficiary entry at right top to do . after corrections, you have to submit, your scanned aadhar card copy as enclosure/proof. Then you will get it changed in due course of time

  6. hello sir,
    i am Archanadevi live in coimbatore.One week before i get a smardcard. That card Shows in my father name And My Name wrongly put it. Actually My father is N.BALASUBRAMANIAN ANd My Name is B.ARCHANADEVI.WRONGLY Entered in N.SUBRAMANIAN AND B.ARCHANA.Can you pls tell me any possible to correction in smard card.

    • Hi, Admin, Please clear this doubt. Is it possible to get corrected cards , after online edition. There is a provision of print smart card option. Is this for printing corrected cards after verfification of proof by the helpdesk or officials . Once generated , i think , that it will be shown the details . Am i correct?

  7. Hi, I edited my photo as the last edit and then after few days went to the query no, to know updated information. I find that my application was successfully submitted and await tahsildar approval. Is it not automated process? i tried in vain to get the toll free number to clarify on this. I think, that translation to tamil will be faced by many people , to whom smart cards have already been issued or in the process of issue.

  8. Hi, I have modified family head and added a new name in the card and same has been approved, will get a new card or have to use the same smart card.

  9. I edited my family members details and sent for approval.Now it show your card is approved then what should i do now?

    • where this godwon id is asking?
      Applying new smart card?
      or correcting smart card details?
      check again and give me details..
      if it means about rationshop details check your ration card number it will like 16FP022XX

      • i tried to remove a member from samrt card. but when i select the member and click sumbit it says Godown Id cannot be null. why is it coming so ?

  10. i tried to remove a member from smart card. but when i select the member and click sumbit it says Godown Id cannot be null. why is it coming so ?

  11. Any idea on the waiting timelines for each stage when applied for a new card ? … Is any such timelines published by TNPDS department ?

  12. hi. I have uploaded the photo and corrected other required details. But I could not find any tab like ‘save’ of ‘update’. Just I logged out from the website. Will it be saved and updated? How can I know that my card is ready?

    • Sorry for the late reply…after you upload the picture and correcting the have to upload required documents. then press agree at the end and press submit. you will get a reference number.keep it for future checking

  13. Is the tnpds site working? Are there any response from its toll free line? I always get busy tone in trying toll free numbers. I could not enter the site at all. It takes too much time to log in. I do not get OTP in five minutes. But half an hour or one hour later, i am getting the OTP , with which i could not log on

  14. in the portal, it is showing as Smart card already activated, whereas the details were edited and further to that the smart card details are not publishing

    How to check that

  15. Hi admin i need a favour.
    i have recently corrected my name and my address and after finish uploading it i got a referrence number for my request. Till now my request has not been approved and due to that i couldnt even see my smart card profile. This is the message i got
    Already Your Request is in Progress
    Reference No : 1497454141938
    You Can’t able to submit another request while already previous request is in progress

  16. Is it possible to edit details that are in english ? I spoke to customer care they said those in english are from Aadhar so you cant edit. Now i made changes in Aadhar and received the new Aadhar card also. When i tried to scan new aadhar it says aadhar number already exist. Kindly help

  17. sir, last month (June) i changed my house from jafferkhanpet to kk nagar(chennai only) Without change the address in my ration card shall i submit my new address in tnpds website column. kindly inform me thank you

  18. We already get the smart card with some correction. Now i made the changes in online. How can we get the new card with correct information.

  19. Name : AMBILI SURESH
    Family head Aadhaar : 979089889750
    Ration card No : 01G0722262
    Registered Mobili No : 9600905978

    Dear sir
    Request for changing Present Fair shop code : 02FB028NT to Chennai, Ayapakkam

    Please do the needful.

    Ambili suresh

  20. Sir, i need to remove my name from my Father Ration Card and going to apply for a separate card, but while removing the error ” GO DOWN ID CANNOT BE NULL “is poping,
    what to do.

  21. I applied change of address updation thro online on 26/6. ID02170626816779.lapse of 50 days no steps has been taken to update. I sought assistance from all sources, all went in vein. Whether updation would be made? or as usual I have to leave the ration card.

  22. I get the error finally when I submit as AADhar number already associated with another family card. please do neccessary action. I have rechecked our aadhar number and it is correct. what should I do now

  23. I have removed my name from our smart card online and due to some reason couldn’t able to process for new card. So I have added my name online again. It has been 21 days since i have added name. But still it is showing the status “Your Smart Card modification request has been processed successfully and waiting for Taluk Supply Officer Approval”. How long it will take to get the exact status whether accepted or rejected?

    • Hi, For editing purpose, this link may be used. For deletion and addition, it is better to approach the concerned office directly. The purpose is only modification of details in the existing card and not for addition and removal as per my knowledge. If you go to the concerned officer with the proof and old card, you could set right the thing. Admin see this and approve, if it is correct

  24. Hi,
    After a long wait, after submitting the details of my old card and photo, i got my smartcard. But the problem is , the photo was very very small , kind of a small trivial square in the photo frame. It could be viewed probably only by using magnifying glass. can i get it correct from ecentres

  25. “Godown Id cannot be null” Error is a temporary error. Log off from the current browner. User Internet Explorer Browser (if you tried in the same browser earlier, then close and open. Then clear cache and try again). It will work.

    • “Godown Id cannot be null” Error is a temporary error. Log off from the current browner. Use Internet Explorer Browser (if you tried in the same browser earlier, then close and open. Then clear cache and try again). It will work.

    • Thanks Rajkumar. I was struggling with this NULL error with all browsers including EDGE. With your help I used IE and got through. TNPDS, it seems, has been designed for IE. Take a bow brother.

  26. i have applied for a new smart card on september 9. the status says, “waiting for document verification”. so how long it takes to get a card

  27. I have to change my address in the ration card. I live in Nanganallur. When I select Kanchipuram district, I am not finding Nanganallur in any of the taluks. What should I do ? When I enquired, they say Nanganallur comes under Alandur taluk. But it is not displaying when I select the Alandur taluk.

  28. Hi Admin,

    I have updated the all details for smart card and got the reference no as well..

    Normally, How long it ‘ll take to complete the request?

    Thanks in Advance,


  29. My name is not included in the family smart card, as I have applied and got my Aadhar card at later point., So, I was trying to add myself to the family smart card and I am able to fill the details of mine as directed, but when I try to upload my scanned aadhar card, it is not a success., it keeps telling me aadhar document is mandatory.. Moreover my file size is less than 100kb ad is of pdf format., can anyone here help me to upload my details pls??

  30. Jpg also does nt work. File size 36.9 kb .. I have taken a photo of my aadhar card .. and taken a screenshot of it to reduce size then had cropped and sent To my email and used the same for upload

  31. i have old ration card but not include aadhar and mobile no at the time of inclusion now card has been blocked pls give me a correct way to solve the issue .

  32. My Smart card Application no is 02170718404082 and applied on 18 July 2017.still its in pending for document verification and kindly look into it at the earliest.What to do and whom to contact

  33. I have added a member detail in online website. Can you please let me know approximately how long does it take to update a new member in online?

  34. I have changed my new residence address, but FPS code is still showing the old one even after three months. Can any one guide me?

  35. how long correction process take , i recently change address from nellai district to viruthunagar district i receive a message Your request has been approved successfully
    Approved By : Rajapalayam TSO PDS i even receive a Shop change message,how long it will take change in smart card, what procedure do i follow after i receive above message

    • approximately it will take 1 month for changing the address and shop no. wait for another 1 or 2 weeks and check online. if you received the changes then good otherwise contact the nearest e-seva center.

  36. Need to do correction in my mothers smart card. have to add the mobile number. what is the process to do ? kindly guide.

  37. My change of address is approved. Now approached e-seva Kendra for print. They are telling only web file printing is possible. But how to get my smart card printed in plastic card as original?

  38. I shifted to new address.How to change address in smart card?
    If we change the address how to get new smart card, e sevai maiyathil print pannalama. Ration kadaila vangikalama

  39. i have updated my new address in the smartcard online , but still it shows the same ration shop nearer to my old address. How to change the ration shop which is nearer to my current address. where i have to approach for the same.

  40. Dear Admin

    I want to correct my and my family members name but i could not find smart card details edit tab below My Profile.Please clarify .Thanks in advance

  41. I applied online smart card bt verification no one came i am wait for 3 month i checked every week twice reference number in online verification protstage only showing.
    Then i am applied directly that alos the are said u r come after few days they expect money. I no need smart card. Goodbye


  43. TN smart card is showing all names in Tamil only. I need to submit this as a family proof and need to get it translated to English. Can you help me?

  44. HI

    • Thanks for your great words. Happy to hear about this. most of the people getting benefits from our site. but they dont have a good heart like you to appreciate our work. bcoz appreciation give us to more strength to work.
      thanks for you words.

  45. Sir i applied through e-seva for address change in Smart ration card. In online it is mentioned as your request has been approved and you will receive sms. How many days should i wait to receive sms? kindly reply

    • DEAR Madam,You just login to your smart card account and download your smart card information and check your address.if address is changed then just visit the eseva centre for asking for a newly printed smart card.

  46. dear அட்மின், தற்போது சுமார்ட் கார்ட் திருத்த முடியவில்லை ஏன்?

    • பல திருத்தங்கள் தற்க்காலிகமாக முடக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.பெயர் சேர்த்தல் நீக்கல் போன்ற செயல்களை செய்யலாம்.

  47. please use Internet Explorer for all smart card amendments, do not use Google Chrome or other browsers

    Using other web browsers except Internet Explorer you can face issues like ‘GODOWN ID IS NULL’

  48. Hello this is somewhat of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you
    have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get guidance from
    someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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