How to prepare Elaichi kulfi?– Easy Cooking

Elaichi kulfi

Elaichi kulfi

How to prepare Elaichi kulfi?                                                                   Recipe by   Anuradha Ramaswamy

Elaichi kulfi

Elaichi Kulfi /kʊlfiː/ is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian subcontinent. It has delicious taste which is most suitable for summer. It is prepared by thickening milk and adding flavors to it.It is absolutely simple and yummy preparation specially on a hot summer afternoon.

What is Kulfi?

Kulfi /kʊlfiː/ is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian subcontinent. It is often described as “traditional Indian ice cream”.It is popular throughout India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), and the Middle East. Below is the step by step process for preparing Elaichi Kulfi.



Milk 750 ml

Milk maid 3/4 from the can

Ilaichi powder 4 pinches

Sugar if required


Take a heavy bottom kadai or vessel pour milk and allow to boil till it reduce to 500 ml.

Now add milk maid and Elaichi powder, mix well and boil the same for 5 more minutes in low flame.

Add sugar as per your taste.

 Turn off the stove and allow it to cool and pour it in the kulfi mould and freeze the same.

 After 6 hours serve and enjoy.

Note :-

Instead of Elaichi can add kesar/pistachio/badam to get different flavors.

You can add fruits syrups or even chocolate to make different varieties.

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