Jio free offers end today and jio prime offers starts tomorrow

Reliance Jio recharge offer

Jio prime offers starts from tomorrow

jio prime offers starts from tomorrow.This April begins with lots of new changes before knowing about jio charges please be remember the following changes will take effects from tomorrow :-

  • Jio free offers ended
  • Bank charges has been changed
  • No more BS-III vehicles on sale
  • Old Currency completely became useless
  • Income tax Department has announced the “New ITR form” and it needs Aadhaar

The above changes will be start effective from 1st Apirl 2017. so please be ware of these changes.

Latest update :

Subscribing to Jio Prime membership is extend till 15 April.

If you subscribe Rs.99+303 before 15 April,you will get free 3 month free jio service.

Jio offers end today and jio prime offers starts tomorrow, what will be the charges from tomorrow?

So in case you are using Jio SIM cards, what are the options in front of you? A lot has been reported about what happens next, after you take the Prime subscription or if you don’t take the Prime subscription. Most of Jio users, by now, know what is Jio Prime and what all it offers. But for, those who still are little confused about Jio Prime postpaid, Jio Prime prepaid, non-prime postpaid plans and similar things, here are some answers.

Now let us see jio Prime vs. Non Prime members benefits

If you are subscribed to jio prime membership by paying one time subscription of RS.99 then you are lucky enough to enjoy all the benefits, which jio free offer gave. Additionally you can enjoy 5 GB free data benefit.

Did you know that for every payment using jio money you will receive Rs.50 cash back.

Note :

if you not subscribed to jio prime it is not too have still today(31.03.2017) to subscribe. Act fast to subscribe.

If you are a non prime members you can also enjoy all the benefits except the 4G data.You will get only 2.5 GB Data for Rs.303.

Compare the below chat with the plan and details :-


Jio Prime vs. Non-Prime Plans

Jio Rental Jio Prime Prepaid Jio Prime Postpaid Jio Prepaid Plan Jio Postpaid Plan FUP
Rs. 19 200MB N/A 100MB N/A No FUP
Rs. 49 600MB N/A 300MB N/A No FUP
Rs. 96 7GB N/A 600MB N/A Daily 1GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 149 2GB N/A 1GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 303 28GB 30GB 2.5GB 2.5GB Daily 1GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 499 56GB 60GB 5GB 5GB Daily 2GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 999 60GB 60GB 12.5GB 12.5GB No FUP
Rs. 1,999 125GB N/A 30GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 4,999 350GB N/A 100GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 9,999 750GB N/A 200GB N/A No FUP


Let us take the Rs. 303 plan as an example over here to compare what you will get as a Prime and a non-Prime member. In general, you will get unlimited calls and SMS and just 2.5GB data for 28 days. With the Prime subscription, you can get 1GB of 4G data per day for 28 days. There will be unlimited calls and SMS as well. This is the prepaid plan and with the postpaid plan you will get 30GB data for 28 days. Besides this, Jio also offers an additional 5GB data for 28 days. After this daily limit, you can get unlimited data at 128kbps speed or recharge with any of the add-ons based on your requirement, but the additional data will save you from doing this.


Conclusion :

When i compare the benefits with all the telecommunication networks. i found jio prime has more advantages over every thing.  We can choose jio prime for next 12 months. I am not a paid reviewer but i am a general user. i enjoyed a lot for the last 6 months.

Enjoy the Jio subscriptions at

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