Mobile Security to Protect your Personnel Data

Mobile Security

Now a day’s Mobile became our part of body and life. Mobile security is a measure one takes to protect against a wide range of threats that seek to violate your privacy and seek to take any other information stored on your phone. These attacks on your mobile device are to take your private information such as bank information, login information, and other data.

Mobile Security – Protect and Save your Personnel information:-

Keep Your Mobile Security & Privacy in Mind

There’s no way you’re going to stop using your mobile device to manage your secure information. In fact, the more features companies add, the more we rely on them, and the more private information we trust them to store.

Smartphone’s are quickly becoming our wallets, our cameras, our notebooks, even our personal safes. You wouldn’t leave any of those just lying around for anyone to pick up and browse.

Make sure you’re taking the same precautions with your mobile device.

What is Mobile Security?

Phone security is the practice of defending mobile devices against a wide range of cyber attack vectors that threaten users’ privacy, network login credentials, finances, and safety. It comprises a collection of technologies, controls, policies and best practices. Phone security protects us from mobile security threats of all kinds.


 A mobile security threat is a means of cyber attack that targets mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Similar to a hacking attack on a PC or enterprise server, a mobile security threat exploits vulnerabilities in mobile software, hardware, and network connections to enable malicious, unauthorized activities on the target device.

Physical threats

This may sound obvious, but mobile devices are small and easy to steal. They also get lost pretty often. Without adequate security, a stolen mobile device is a treasure trove of personal and financial information for a crook. To mitigate physical threats to mobile devices, it’s wise to establish strong passwords and set up the device to lock itself when not in use. Anti-theft tracking software also helps recover a phone that’s gone missing.

Below are few Mobile Security Apps that can help you to protect and Save your Personnel information

Nox Security

Mobile Security

In need of some power packed security features for your Android hardware? Give Nox Security a look. For it is a smartly effective app that not only protects your phone from viruses and malware, but also rids it of any type of junk and detritus — unnecessary files that get left behind.

Its list of included features is extensive. You get an antivirus and junk cleaner, but also a notification blocker, and app locker. Message security saves your notification previews from peeping eyes, while the do not disturb feature blocks spam and unwanted calls.

A battery saver is also part of the package to close inactive apps running in the background, along with WiFi security to protect your wireless network from attacks. All these options are a tap away. The user interface is also sleek and stylish, though veers a tad more on the stylish side.

If you want, you can also pay a small fee to get access to a VPN service. Otherwise, be prepared to deal with ads, as usual. But overall, this combination of a trendy UI, extensive feature set, and neat capabilities means this this swiss army knife of a security app is one of the best available on Android.

Developer: Nox
Download: Nox Security

Folder Lock

Mobile Security

While external security is paramount, internal device security is equally important these days. More so for people who share their devices around, or hand them to others. For security conscious users, a file locking app is almost a necessity.

Folder Lock is a secure vault app that you can use to password-protect all manners of your personal data. From photos to videos, documents to audio recordings, contacts and wallet cards, what have you. These files can also be transferred from your camera, gallery, browser, or even the PC.

Although its core functionality is solid enough as it is, Folder Lock does not skimp on unique and handy features. You get an application locker throw in, a built-in audio player, the ability to send secret messages to your contacts, cloud backup, and many other options from within the app.

Once locked, it is impossible to access your data, even by connecting your device to a computer. The only way to access your locked files is through this app. The feature set is impressive as it is, but the price is even more so. Get all these features for free, and purchase if you want cloud support.

Developer: NewSoftwares
Download: Folder Lock

Clean Master

Mobile Security

One of the most popular utilities available on the Android platform, is also one of its finest. Clean Master is a complete toolbox that not only cleans and protects your device, but also secures it and optimizes its performance.

The included antivirus engine can scan for malware on all apps, even preinstalled ones. It also has features to block and remove any viruses it finds, ensuring that your phone remains free from viruses and trojans at all time. The WiFi security modules also detects unauthorized connections.

On the cleanup side of things, we have junk file cleaner to help free up storage space by removing residual and cache files that may be slowing down your phone. You can also boost up your mobile by freeing up memory, while the battery saver extends battery life by hibernating running applications.

Another worthy highlight is the app lock feature, which you can use to lock applications on your phone or tablet. A modern and stylish UI combines with a remarkable feature set here. No wonder that Clean Master is a solution trusted by over half a billion users.

Developer: Cheetah Mobile
Download: Clean Master

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