“A Nation without illegal expatriates”-campaign Saudi Arabia

A Nation without illegal expatriates

‘A Nation without illegal expatriates’

The Interior Ministry on Sunday launched a Nation without illegal expatriates campaign to give residency and labor law violators 90 days to leave the country without penalties.

The initiative was granted by the Interior Ministry for undocumented workers to correct their status and leave the country without penalties.

A Nation without illegal expatriates

This campaign gives 90 days amnesty period and allows the illegal expatriates to leave the country without penalties starting from today (29/03/2017).

According to the amnesty, those who exit during the campaign could return legally as they will not be recorded as a deportee in the fingerprint system.

Overstayers on visit visa, Umrah and Haj visas, holders of any other visa type, such as for transit and business, illegal entry, expired iqamas, lack of valid residency papers, and runaways can avail of the amnesty.

who can get benefits of it?

According to Arabnews, Overstayers following the 90-day grace period will risk paying fines. “Violators who don’t initiate correcting their status and get detained will be subject to enforcing the rules and regulations of the labor law and residency system,” Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub, spokesman of the General Directorate of Passports (GDP), told Arab News.

Violating the residency system entails deportation, a prison sentence and fines. The fine can range between SR15,000 ($4,000) and SR100,000, Gen. Sulaiman Al-Yahya, director general of the Passport Department, told the Saudi state-run news channel Al-Ekhbariya.

Al-Yahya urged violators to make use of the amnesty that exempts them from fines and the consequences associated with the deportee fingerprint system, an opportunity “that may not come again,” he said.
If an “absent from work (escape or huroob)” notice has been issued, the violator will need to finalize the procedures in the local Expats Affairs Administration first.

Employers of holders of expired “resident identity” (iqama) who did not renew them before the announcement date of the campaign (March 19) shall issue a “final exit” visa online after paying all due fees and fines. Illegal workers should then leave the country.

Pilgrims who entered the country illegally should refer to the local Expat Affairs Administration to obtain a “final exit” visa before going to the designated passport center with their valid passport.

Illegal workers with valid iqama IDs, but who work for different employers or are self-employed and have an “absent from work (escape)” notice, should refer to the local Labor Disputes Committee to obtain a “proof of status” directed to the GDP.

They should then refer to the local Expats Affairs Administration to obtain a “final exit” visa with their passport and iqama ID before leaving the Kingdom.

Workers for an employer in the Red Zone, whose company has more non-Saudi employees than Saudi, should refer to the Labor Ministry to obtain a temporary work permit before going to the local Passport Department with their passport and iqama ID to get a “final exit” visa and leave the country.

The Indian Consulate said it would provide information to Indian expats, and assured “the full cooperation of the consulate in facilitating all Indian nationals who want to go back to their mother land using this opportunity.”


We advice all the illegal expatriates to use this opportunity A Nation without illegal expatriates to correct their status or leave the kingdom without any penalty.


Source and thanks to : Arabnews

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