How to prepare North Indian Kadhi?–Easy Cooking Recipe

North Indian Kadhi

How to prepare North Indian Kadhi?   – Easy Cooking Recipe

How to prepare North Indian Kadhi?                                    Recipe by   Anuradha Ramaswam

North Indian Kadhi

Kadhi (Hindi: कढी) is a traditional North Indian dish like soup that is eaten with rice and roti. It is prepared by mixing chickpea flour (besan), yoghurt and water and cooked over medium heat. North indian style kadhi is usually spicy and also contains fried chickpea flour and vegetable balls pakoras.


North Indian Kadi


Besan (kadalaimavu)                                  1 table spoon

Curd                                                               1 cup

Turmeric                                                        ½ spoon

Red chilli                                                        2

Cumin seeds                                                 1 spoon

Coriander seeds                                           ½ spoon crushed

Curry leaves                                                  little

Coriander leaves                                         little

Oil                                                                   1 spoon

Salt                                                                 as per taste



Beat the curd and keep aside.

Mix besan in a cup with little water and keep aside.

Heat a kadai, pour oil, add cumin seeds, coriander seeds, red chilli and curry leaves.  Pour curd and besan mixture with turmeric and salt, mix well and boil in medium flame till the mixture thickness.  Turnoff the stove, add pakoda(see below how to make Pakoda), serve with plain rice, jeera rice or roti.



Can add chopped green chilli also while seasoning

Can add red chilli powder also

Finally can add fresh milk to get the richness (once it becomes cool)


For Pakoda



Besan (kadalaimavu)                    ¼ cup

Onion                                              1 small chopped

Salt                                                   2 pinches

Oil                                                     1 spoon

Oil                                                     to fry



Mix besan, onion, salt and oil in a bowl.

Heat oil and prepare pakoda and once we remove from kadhai add it in the kadhai.



Can add chopped green chilli.

The batter should be thick otherwise we won’t be able make pakoda, as it will spread in oil.

Can add 1 spoon of rice flour to the dough, this makes pakoda little tight.


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