How to prepare north Indian Phulkha Roti? – Easy Cooking

Phulkha Roti north indian style

Phulkha Roti

How to prepare north Indian Phulkha Roti? – Easy Cooking          Recipe by   Anuradha Ramaswamy 

Phulkha is also one type of chappathi. But It can be cooked without oil. Phulka is smaller round prepared from wheat flour but is rolled first, then one side is cooked on a pan(Tawa) and the other side directly on heat.


Atta 1 bowl

Salt a pinch

Water as required


Take atta and salt in a bowl, mix well and add water little and mix well

Sprinkle water and knead(press it) well, cover and keep aside for 1/2 an hour to 1 hour. Take a small size of the dough and start pressing with the roller.

Place the tawa in the stove and put the rolled chappathi on that (the flame should be in sim).

When small bubbles come out from roti flip on the other side.  Wait till you get more bubbles, now remove the tawa from the flame and place the phulkha in the flame, it will become big leaving air inside.

Now remove from flame and spread ghee(optional) and serve with any sabzi or pickle.

Note :-

The dough should not stick into hands.  If it sticks add little bit of atta and knead again.

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