Places in Chennai and their Name History

Places in chennai

Places in Chennai and their Name History

Places in Chennai – Are you in Chennai? Do you know the name history of some places in Chennai? We have given below some names and their history.

Some history about various Chennai area names


  • Syed Shah Pettai has become “Saidapet”


  • In 17,18-th centuries this area was under control of a Nawab and this was the garden were his horses were resting and getting fed. So it was called “Ghoda bagh” (Horse Garden). It later became “Kodambakkam”


  • Armored Vehicles And Depot of India became “Avadi” (AVADI)


  • Several Chrome leather factories in the region resulted in this area being called “Chrompet”


  • This area was full of coconut trees. Therefore named as “tennampettai”. It was later changed as “Teynampet”


  • Urdu word “che baug” (six gardens) became “Chepauk”.


  • Saundara Pandian bazaar became “Pondy Bazaar”


  • “vilva marankal” area with the flowers used for the Lord known as Mahavilvam over time has become “Mambalam”


  • pallavapuram became “Pallavaram”.


  • Madras Presidency head was Panagal Raja at one point and based on his name, the park was named as “Panagal Park”


  • Based on name of Justice party leader Sir. Thiagarajan Chettiar, the area is known as “T Nagar”


  • “Purasai” trees were in abundance in the region, leading it to be called “Purasaiwalkam”


  • “Puspakavalli” in Sanskrit due to the large amount of Jasmine plants / trees in the region became “puviruntavalli” in tamil to get transformed as “Poondamali” now.


  • In the 17th century, a Muslim saint who lived here ‘kunankuti Mastan Sahib’. Thondi was his native town in Ramanathapuram district. Therefore, the local people called him tontiyar. That’s the current areas known as “Tondiarpet”.


  • Before the area was used for feeding cattle. So called as Mandai veli before becoming “Mandaveli”


  • Peacock were roaming freely in the area leading it to be called Mayilai puram and later becoming “Mylapore”


  • Pallavas used to conduct or wage wars in the region now known as “Porur”


  • Bamboo (Perambu) trees were throughout the region was a few hundred years ago, now known as “Perambur”.


  • Based on Thirusula nathar temple area became “Thirusulam”. (BTW Trident hotel name came from the same source.. Trident means Thirusulam).


  • The pond with lots of lilies opposite to Parthasarathy temple was known as Thiru allikkeni transformed itself to “Triplicane”


  • Thomas Parry used to do business in this area. He gained the respect from people resulting in the name “Parry’s Corner”. That is also why it is not “Paris Corner”


  • *This area had many Neem trees around a big lake in Tamil Neem+Lake is Veepa+yeri this is now called Vepery



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