How to prepare Vada Pav?–Easy Cooking Recipe

Vada Paav

How to prepare Vada Pav?–Easy Cooking Recipe

How to prepare Vada Pav?                                                                  Recipe by   Anuradha Ramaswamy

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is one of famous Snack/breakfast in Mumbai city as well as the whole Maharashtra state. It has a delicious taste with green chilli. Vada Pav, alternatively spelt Vada Pao, Wada Pav, or Wada Pao, is a vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra. The dish consists of a deep fried potato dumpling placed inside a bread bun (pav) sliced almost in half through the middle. It is generally accompanied with one or more chutneys and a green chilli pepper.It is also called Bombay Burger in keeping with its origins and its resemblance in physical form to a burger.


Inner Ingredients

Potato                                              3 big boiled

Peas                                                 1 spoon boiled

Coriander seeds                               less than ¼ spoon crushed

Coriander leaves                             1 spoon chopped

Green chilli                                      1 chopped

Salt                                                   as per taste


Outer Ingredients

Besan (kadalaimaavu)                      ½  cup

Chilli powder                                   ¼ spoon

Salt                                                   few pinches

Oil                                                     to fry

Pav                                                   1 packet


Method for Outer ingredients

Take all the ingredients except pav in a bowl, add water little by little and mix well without lumps and make it like bajji batter and keep aside.


Method for Inner ingredients

Mix all the above in a bowl and make a small ball size and keep it in a plate.



Heat oil in a kadai, now dip the ball in the outer ingredient (bajji batter) and put it in the oil and fry till we get golden brown.  Serve with pav and green chutney as evening snack.



Can also serve with tomato ketchup if green chutney is not available


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