Know about the importance of Reading

Reading importance

Importance of Reading

In this Article we are going know about the Reading Importance. Reading is a basic life skill, It is a cornerstone for a child’s success in school, and, indeed, throughout life. Without the ability to read well, opportunities for personal fulfillment and job success inevitably will be lost.

Reading Importance :-

Reading is a complex “cognitive process” of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning (reading comprehension). Reading is a means of language acquisition, communication, and of sharing information and ideas. Like all languages, it is a complex interaction between the text and the reader which is shaped by the reader’s prior knowledge, experiences, attitude, and language community which is culturally and socially situated. The reading process requires continuous practice, development, and refinement. In addition, reading requires creativity and critical analysis.

Reading is one of the good habits for our day today life. Reading books will reduce our stress. Reading is also an important process of our successful learning. Without reading the learning process is not fulfilled.

Even though reading has many benefits, the following are some of the list of benefits:

  • Reading is very important because it develops the mind and knowledge.
  • Reading will help us to improve our spelling and grammar.
  • Reading will give you the self confident and improve your understanding.
  • Reading help us to discover new things.
  • Reading also help us to develop our imagination and creativity Power.
  • Reading will help you to differentiate between Good and Bad.
  • Reading will create a curiosity to know about future.
  • Reading will help you to gain experience of others.

ThiruKural :-

Thiruvalluvar described about the learning as “The Learning that one has imbibed in this birth will stand with him in all his seven birth”.

He said in his thirukural as

“Orumaikan thaan katra kalvi oruvarukku

  Yezhumaiyum yemappu udaiththu”.


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