What is really happening in Apollo?Whom we believe?


Irresponsible Media’s

Stupid TV’s and other medias in India announce that our Honorable CM Amma died. The Media’s in India has no responsibilities in their duties. Indian medias losing their respect by spreading the wrong news and rumors across the countries.They spread wrong report without getting the authorized information.Mostly medias are now Searching(begging) reports/ information from social medias and without inquiring they spreading the rumors.

There is strong mystery in the current situation of Tamilnadu CM Amma Jayalaitha hospitalization. Nobody knows the real truth about her health for the past 72 days.

Nobody is allowed to visit her and in real no one seen her for the past 72 days. All the great Politian’s come and went back without visiting the CM. God only knows about the real person who is controlling all these activities.

The only reliable source of information about our CM is from the Apollo hospital press release by Apollo COO Dr.Subbaiah Vishwanathan.

Even if we see his statements it is absolutely in contrast, before and after.

Let us see a overview of Apollo Press release

On his statement on 29.09.2016 he said that “CM has been admitted for fever and need few days reset”


But in his statement on 02.10.2016, he said that Dr.Richard came on 30.09.2016 to check CM health and give his advice.


Now fever became respiratory infection and few days rest became more days rest.

After 2 months of treatment they said that Cm has been transferred from ICU to General ward. What is the evidence that she has been transferred to normal word? Who has seen our CM in General Ward?

No one has answer. Maybe only Apollo has the answer.

Now yesterday, Apollo hospital press release says that our honorable CM has cardiac attack and in critical situation.



Now think about a CM who was admitted for fever and now in critical situation?

TamilNadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao rushes to hospital yesterday but returned in 10 mins. Even if he meets the gatekeeper he will speak at least 10 mins.But we don’t know why they are not allowing even governor to see Our CM.

Apollo’s time to time press release does not disclose any images or statements given by our honorable CM during these days. They only announce, but nobody knows whether it’s true.

Even for the bi election which was held recently, AIADMK members shown Our CM thump impression instead of signature in their nomination forms.

This type of activities purely shows an image that our CM is not in conscious, if she is in conscious these people will dare to touch her hand.

Present situation in Apollo  :-

Apollo press release says that our CM is in very  very critical position



They request media and other social network not to spread rumors.They said CM is in continuous medical  treatment.She is in life support and observation.


What ever the case now our repeated honorable CM is in very critical stage. Let us all pray for her return. We still believe and have faith in Apollo management. Because Apollo are the only source of information about our beloved CM health condition. Waiting for your Good news about the recovery of our CM.

Pray for our CM.

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