How to receive paytm cash in our shop?

receive paytm cash

How to send and Receive Paytm cash in your Store?

Step by step instruction to receive paytm cash is given below the video.

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Here is the Paytm guidelines regarding this :-

We at Paytm have been overwhelmed by the faith all our users & merchants have shown in us during this time of cash crunch. We are here to help the nation go cashless and switch to Paytm which is an easy & a secure way of sending & receiving money.

We have received over 50,000 queries from small & big shopkeepers in last 2 days who want to start accepting Paytm at their shops, as many users are walking in with old 500/1000 notes which cannot be accepted any further. While our teams are out on the ground helping many merchants & small shopkeepers to start accepting Paytm, it is not possible for us to cover the entire length & breadth of this huge country in a short span of time.

So here are three easy steps to follow in case you want to start accepting Paytm at your shop:

  1. Download the Paytm App for free:Android & iPhone
  2. Sign up: Go to Profile > Login Screen > Sign Up. Sign up using your mobile number, email ID (optional) & setup your password
  3. Now share your registered mobile number with any Paytm User and they will be able to send you money

How to check if you have received the money after a customer has paid you using Paytm:

  1. Open Paytm App
  2. On Home Screen, click on Passbook icon and there you can check your Wallet balance
  3. when money is added to your Paytm wallet, You will also receive a SMS.

How to use the money available in your Paytm wallet:
Once you have money in your Paytm wallet, you can start using it immediately. Here are some of the ways you can use that money:

  1. Recharge your or other’s mobile
  2. Pay your postpaid or broadband bills
  3. Pay electricity or DTH bills
  4. Book movie tickets
  5. Book Air Tickets
  6. Buy over 10,00,000 products from our marketplace
  7. Taxi
  8. Auto Rickshaw
  9. Or go to our 700,000 merchants shops & Apps to buy from them. Paytm is accepted at Petrol Pumps, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Tea stalls, online food ordering Apps & several shopping Apps. You can even pay your kids school fees, insurance premium & much more

Your money is absolutely safe with Paytm. You can always write to us at [email protected] and we will assist you instantly.
Please note that you can only accept Rs.10,000 per month with the basic wallet. You can upgrade your wallet & this limit will be enhanced to Rs.1 lakh a month.

The above solution is to get you going immediately. If you are looking to become an established merchant with Paytm, we have covered all the details at can also give us a missed call at 7210972109 and we will get back to you with all the details.

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