Router DNS Attacks and Solutions to Secure

Router DNS Attacks

Router DNS Attacks and Solutions

Router DNS Attacks :-

Hi, all of you might have seen the attacks on computer by wanna cry. It attacks computer OS , locks it and could be accessed after paying ransom. This attack is aimed at computer. But do you know that your router also could be compromised by the attackers using the ports genuinely left open default , for some remote assistance by the ISP or Vendor. Nowadays, this port is used by the attackers to know your computer internet activity without you suspecting any of it, because, it is compromised at the router level.

Router DNS Attacks

So, if you use personal computer, besides having best antivirus and malware programs, it is better to check your router also for any vulnerability or Router DNS Attacks.

What is the solution for Router DNS Attacks ?

In this case, I recommend, avast free antivirus, which is having a tool wifi inspector.Which will help you to resolve Router DNS Attacks. Since it is free you could just install one time and then scan the computer with internet on. It will list all the connected devices and scan, and will give you results. If all is ok, you will get green , excellent remarks. If the scan finds vulnerability, it gives clue to what it has found and also the solutions.

The main vulnerability , I found in most routers is the admin password. Once configured, we forget about router, thinking that it is just a electronic device. But this is the gateway to your internet access as all we know. The routers admin user id and pw are one and the same. So, if a hacker could just guess, and do a brute attack, he could easily by pass those passwords. As a first measure, change this pw, and give a tough password by going to the router page, which all you know will be printed in the modem or using ipconfig /all command.

Secondly the dns attack. If your ISP sites are not secured, then there is a chance that it may give access to hijacked domains which will remotely control your internet activity.

If you are shown vulnerability in this regard, please go to the network settings and change adopter settings, then go to the adopter properties, ipv4, and then uncheck the obtain dns ip automatically to either google dns or open dns. If you change this, the router dns will be by passed by google dns which is safer. You cannot do any internet activity without google .

Next is open port vulnerability. The port 7547 is left for your ISP to communicate remotely. But this open port is now used by attackers to access your net activity, sometimes, changing the url of your router tr69 configurations for remote access at their end.

I have scanned with wifi inspector, and I was given alerts on the three major compromises, like weak pw, dns hijack, as well as port 7547. Normally for each log in , you are given an external ip by the Service provider, thro which your internet communicates. This shoud be not known. If some ports are open, this ip address could be accessed by the attackers.

I like anybody do not have tech savvy methods to safeguard, but the scan by avast wifi inspector prevented possible attacks and in this connection I am giving you my advice.

Please free to write to me for any thing, that I could help in this regard.
I also did not know what is the router page and settings etc before going thro all the scan results. If you do not want to go to the router page to change, it is my best advice to change the admin password, (please keep it safely to get it if you forget or want to open the router page. ) Normall passwords for any router are available in net pages.

I give my ideas to you, it is up to you to safeguard or leave it at that.

I am not Ask Leo, to give you technical tips on security, but my tips if it saves from router attacks well and good. There are some more tools available in the net , but scan thro avast is safe, to my knowledge.
I am yet to receive the confirmation whether it is false positive, but change of dns to google does not show any vulnerability. If anything is known to me , i will share in the next post.

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  1. Thanks for share with us this nice topic. This topic realy helpful. I was a problem about Avast. Im seeking this topic and I have gotten best suggestion from this post. I hope same topic in future. Thanks

  2. Hi, I am yet to receive the confirmation from avast whether it is false positive or from my service provider bsnl.
    I think that they have included certain suspicious sites in their data base to scan and if it does not respond correctly to the program, then you get the alerts.
    Since they have not come with any answer, i really would like to inform you about anybody experience with their ISP servers scan with avast wifi.
    When i changed the servers to google dns, i came across a problem of some third party server accessing you, other than google dns. The server is in foreign and not in india, and it is not always the case. It tries to access the dns server. Google dns is famous for security as well as for poping up advts as per your browser experience.
    So, i changed my dns server back to my ISP in router.
    Now I am atleast safe that any server if at all allowed , it is by my ISP wahich could be clarified with the service provider rather than allowing another server without your knowledge.
    Here i came across a android app, which i would recommend you to scan. If you are using wifi access from the router, it will scan the router and will alert if anything is suspicious.
    The google app is Router Check. Try to scan with it and you could clarify the doubts with them thro their email support .
    I am more concerned with router attacks, which attacks are not seen by the users . It attacks the Router the gateway of internet access.
    I just scanned with app and found no threats. It is free without any pop up of advertisement.I also wrote about the avast vulnerability attack to my Service Provider and hope to receive a reply.
    I do not know the intricacies involved in any scan and i recommend the app, as it is free to use and also the website is availabe for query.
    My concern is to spread awareness of router attacks and i just go through so much articles and in Google, i get regular updates on router attacks .The link is
    Their web site on Router and computer security tips
    I just saw this post by chance, and hope that admin would post it as continuation of router check tips

  3. Hi, I had contacted the higher level officer of my ISP and gathered that those sites , for which i sought false positive confirmation from avast, are blocked sites. Hence, the scan findings are not false positive, but true. Since, they include in their scan, those sites are said to be vulnerable for dns hijack, as they were redirected to not to those websites, but to some other server for security reasons. I mean, blocked sites are redirected by the ISP to some servers. Hence, i recommend avast antivirus for computer and my recommended Routercheck for mobiles. If you go to the link and read the articles, you will find how important those are. As their website is approachable (Routercheck), installing and then reading the resolution in the links , would give maximum security for both pc and mobile.

  4. Hi, admin,
    Instead of my writing in comments. These could well be added to the original article above, which will be useful ,if one only reads the article, would not know the additions.I request the admin to suitably change the writings and include in the main article.
    I do not know, how to present additional tips or notes to the already submitted article, please

  5. Hi admin please write article on bsod and blsod blue screen of death and black screen of death. There is only limited artocles. Please add how to check the bsod or blsod (new term) have been resolved .
    Please say how to add (not edit) in submitted and published article

    • Dear sir,
      At present i am little bit busy with my work.when i have time sure i will write an article about bsod problem and its solution.mean while if you want to write an article about it,you are most welcome.
      Once the article is published by the users,it can be change or added or altered by the users.but if you want to add any thing you can mail the points.i will add it to your article.

  6. Thanks for the latest message. Hi, Admin, please add the comments section of my article to the main as users would find it easy to read the latest on the subject. One more good news. I chanced upon the and found that they have a beta version of computer also. But i think that their software will support version from windows 7 onwards. I will also ask to include xp also, which is still used by many users and for which microsoft has released patch for wannacry attack, eventhough they stopped giving support for windows xp system.
    The procedure is simple. Just download from the link i give and then execute it as usual. If the person who is using the computer has admin right , then they can use it. Just open and there will be a box opening where you could easily click the first box on top left. It will scan and report the issue if any along with resolutions. The link is here:

  7. Hi, Admin, This is in addition to the topic, you already published. Since the post requires the image, I am writing thro this .
    I have recommended the routercheck application for the pc and has also given the link.
    Most of you, or some of you , would have seen that topic. The particular interest is the scan shows the actual dns server and it details, when you click more information.
    If you find there is a unknown server using some time , your dens server access, it would be shown. I was taken aback, when my google dns server, set in router, shows a unknown server in malaysia, i just stopped using google dns. I wrote to them, but no reply came from them so far.. So, whenever you periodically check the actual dns server, and if it is your service provider or the one you choose in your router or in network settings, this would give valuable information regarding the actual dns server for the time. please use it and find that the app does what it says,routercheck. You click more details button, if you are having any vulnerabilities, it gives you solution, which you could get instantlly. Enjoy secured atmosphere in the period of all kinds of cyber and hackers attacks. Will say some more on response or new additions.
    Hi, admin, i do not know how to add a jpeg picture pl advise, as it is necessary for this post. I will enclose the same.
    I tried thro post column, but there was some error, which i could not post . Error capcha?1+1=2, error =required, i do not know how to correct? what is object+object column in there? pl. Pl also provide Bold Italic Underline in this forum. Thanks

    • Hi,
      Can you try to post the things in a new article ” Router DNS Attacks and Solutions to Secure-Part 2″

      attache the picture with minimum 200*200 and send. let me know if you find any difficulties.

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