How to prepare Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu ?-Easy Recipe

Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu

How to prepare Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu ?

How to prepare Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu ?                         Recipe by   Anuradha Ramaswamy

Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu

Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu-Vathal Kuzhambu/Vatha Kuzhambu is a popular tasty gravy made with Sundakkai/Manathakkali/kothavarankai served with rice in South India.

Vathal Kuzhambu / Vatha Kuzhambu is a popular gravy for rice served all over South India in a traditional meal setting. The Vatha Kuzhambu is made from Sundakkai Vathal or Manathakkali or kothavarankai vathal.

The addition of this Sundakkai Vathal or Manathakkali or kothavarankai vathal adds a unique tangy taste to the Vathal Kulambu. This kulambu is often served in meals right after paruppu kulambu before the round for sambar rice. Vatha Kulambu is also called Vathal Puli Kulambu because the tamarind extract(puli) is slowly simmered over a low flame and in the mean time the gravy extracts the flavors from the added vathal. Thus we end up with concentrated tasty gravy for our rice. I have used sundakkai for my vatha kulambu but you can use other types of vathal such as manathakkali vathal, vendakkai vathal, milagu vathal etc. Each of these ingredients will add a unique taste to the kulambu. Sundakkai also has a lot of health and medicinal benefits and therefore makes this recipe healthier.

Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu


Vathal                                              2 spoon (manathakkali, sundakkai or kothavarankai)

Tamarind                                        gooseberry size

Sambar powder                             3 spoon

Turmeric                                         ½ spoon

Mustard seeds                               ½ spoon

Bengal gram dhal                          ½ spoon

Asafoetida                                      ¼ spoon

Fenugreek seeds                           less than ¼ spoon

Curry leaves                                   for seasoning

Gingely oil                                       2 tablespoon

Salt                                                   as per taste



Heat a kadai, pour oil add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, Bengal gram dhal, asafoetida, curry leaves and vathal, mix well.

Add tamarind water, turmeric, sambar powder and salt, allow to boil for 10 minutes in medium flame.  Turn off and serve with plain rice and appalam / vadam (vadagam).



Can add all the vathal together.

Can add brinjal vathal or vendakkai vathal also

Mix 1 spoon of rice flour in little water and add while boiling as it thickness the khuzhambu.


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