Unapproved Plots Regularisation Tamil Nadu

Unapproved Plots to Approved Plots .

Unapproved Plots Regularisation Tamil Nadu

Unapproved Plots Regularisation Tamil Nadu :-

This article will help you to understand the way to approve your unapproved plots or lands.please read fully and also check the Government orders(Link is given below the article).

To remove some confusion that has happened since September 2016 (when the HC issued a blanket ban on registration for all unauthorized layout plots and farmland that were converted illegally to residential plots), Chennai Dream Homes™ provide this useful article to give you the gist of the information you need to know, if you are an existing plot owner looking to regularise your property as soon as possible, under this new order.

Important Note: Though we have made every effort to include this info from credible news sources, Kadhambam cannot be held liable for the veracity of this information and also cannot assist you in actual registering of your plots. We urge you to visit your local corporation office to pay the fees and register your plots directly with the authorities. We are only disseminating information.

Latest News(08.04.2018) regarding Unapproved plots regularizing in Tamil Nadu :- 

Special Camp for Authorizing Un Authorized Plots- Tamil Nadu latest news

வீட்டுமனைகள் வரன்முறை உள்ளாட்சிகளில் சிறப்பு முகாம்


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How to regularize your unapproved plots to approved plots in Tamil Nadu?

5 Things to Know about Unapproved Plots Regularisation Tamil Nadu

1. Why?

To protect innocent citizens who have purchased such unauthorized plots, the TN state government had passed an order on May 4th 2017, notifying rules for Regularisation of Unapproved Plots in Tamilnadu, that were sold and registered before 20th October 2016, for a penal fee and higher development charges.

This means that owners of such unapproved plots and layouts that were registered before 20th October 2016 can heave a sigh of relief, as they are not only given a chance to rectify mistakes, but also benefit from basic infrastructure facilities. The deadline for this official process is 03 May 2018.

Important :- Last Date for Submission of Application is 03-05-2018

2. What?

The newly notified Tamilnadu Regularization and Unapproved Layout and Plot Rules 2017, requires both land owners and layout promoters to apply for regularization of their unapproved plots.

If they fail to apply, their properties will be denied basic infrastructure facilities such as – power, water supply, sewerage and drainage. This rule now exempts such unapproved plots and layouts from the purview of the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971.

3. How?

All individual plot owners of unapproved layouts and layout promoters now need to submit a sketch of the layout to apply for regularization of their plots online on www.tnlayoutreg.in., to the competent authority concerned within 6 months of this order, along with necessary fees and charges mentioned in the application. Owners of such unapproved plots or layouts can now create an account easily on the portal and register to submit their applications online before 3 May 2018 (deadline). All details including the penalty fees are available on the site. (Source: Times of India)

If the competent authority gives in-principle approval of the layout, it will process applications and pass the regularization order online.

4. Charges

Charges for development, regularization and OSR for such Regularisation of Unapproved Plots in Tamilnadu vary by municipal area. For example, a 1000 Sq-Ft unauthorized (but eligible) plot in a municipal area can now be regularized by paying a sum of approx. Rs. 41,000.

Applicants also need to pay 3% of the plot’s market value as land conversion charges from agricultural to residential. Development charges are extra.

(Note:- please check the latest reduced charges in the G.O given below)

5. Ineligible Plots

But this rule excludes unathorized plots and layouts in government poramboke land, water bodies and OSR areas, and hence such plots cannot be regularized.

Check the latest G.O passed on this Unapproved Plots Regularisation Tamil Nadu here :- http://www.tnlayoutreg.in/G.O.MS.No.172.pdf

For Other Government Orders :- Click Here

Source and Thanks to :- This Article was written by Neeta for Chennaidreamhomes  their Sources from : 99acres , Deccan Chronicle. We have updated this post as much as possible as of Nov 2017. From now, you should approach the local corporation office directly on proceeding with this matter. If you have any questions you can comment here.

Please Note: Property owners need to apply in person for registration/approvals. As Real Estate Agents / Property Consultants, we cannot assist you in the actual registration, and don’t accept any fees for the same.

Note: You can sell your plot only if it is CMDA or DTCP approved. If it is Panchayat approved, you cannot sell it now unless you first regularize it


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  1. what is an unapproved plot.Whether a plot furnished before 1990 in village wii also come.The problem with Indian Law is it will nit be telling the full text.hence pople use the hole to jump.Be cute enough to give the right details with ease to understand

  2. The regularization in current form is not expensive as OSR waived off but procedure is tedious and individual cannot do it themself.

    The goverment office people playing key role to discourage individual people. Better find an agent and pay middle man fees or drop an idea.

    I will explain procedure for your reference.
    1.Apply online in website http://www.tnlayoutreg.in/Home.aspx and pay 500 scrunity fees.
    2. Take print out of application and fill details again manually in http://www.tnlayoutreg.in/G.O.MS.No.172.pdf
    3.One form needs to be printed in 20 rupees stamp paper
    4. Where to submit this form? If you call CMDA they will say local body and if you go local body they will say they don’t have any idea. The place where to submit in chennai in Ribbon Building Complex and Amma Maligai, 5 th floor C wing.
    5.They won’t accept the application unless u give this stupid documents
    a.parent documents from 1975
    b.EC for all survey numbers in layout. If layout has 5000 plot then EC will more than 5000 pages and they just follow rule and ask 5000 pages. If you apply in register they will tell use common sense if you apply online EC in system then system will hang and never show report. You cannot satisfy them and they will reject it saying EC not submiited. If luckily Submit then next document
    c.FMB Sketch for all survey numbers in layout and combined FMB sketch of all survey numbers together. The layout will have 5-10 survey numbers and village officer will demand 5k to give the copies. You need to prepare combined FMB with the help of CAD drawing people by paying another 10k. If you manage this next is difficulet
    c.Layout framework in CAD format. You need to take layout copy in paper and they will prepare this and they ask 10k.

    If you submit all above still they will reject saying some sgnature required for authorized person or road smaller, park not there.

    This land regularization itself SCAM. If you don’t believe above statements just check news in hindu, timesof india etc how many unregularzized plot in tamil nadu it will be lakhs and just 3k applied online in CMDA portal which should be done by middle man or goverment people or politician.

    normal person cannot do this. Better sell land and buy approved land or don’t regularize. Goverment cannot take your land and after some year the rule will change it will be by default regularized


  4. i have applied regularisation for individual plot on 14-10- 2017 but so for no update from LPA or DTCP , kindly guide me how can i procced further ?

    • Dear sir,
      just goto your municipal office or send some one to municipal office and check them about “is it applicable for building which was constructed before 2015 in unapproved land” as general enquirer. remember dont say school building or name of the school. bcoz you know about those bribe beggars.

  5. i have 1800 sq fr land at Parvathipuram part 3 vadaperumpakkam chettimedu village thiruvallur district where to contact for regularisation of plot

      • first goto online and complete the online form after you pay the amount 500 and print the submitted form. it will give the address of your nearest BDO office.Go there and submit your application.(you should have layout copy, EC, and other related documents)

      • i did not get notified about your question. now i searched your question and answered.
        “first goto online and complete the online form after you pay the amount 500 and print the submitted form. it will give the address of your nearest BDO office.Go there and submit your application.(you should have layout copy, EC, and other related documents)”

    • first goto online and complete the online form after you pay the amount 500 and print the submitted form. it will give the address of your nearest BDO office.Go there and submit your application.(you should have layout copy, EC, and other related documents)

  6. Dear sir,
    Built a house in un approved plot, in mettupalayam, kindly guide me how to get dtcp approved from the panchayat.

    • Dear sir, at present they are doing only plots or lands not for buildings. but pls go to your local municipality and get an inquiry about this. may be they can do.

    • EC – you have to provide until the week you are applying online.
      You have to provide all the documents like Layout sketch full, Individual Layout , Ec, Patta ( if asked by the concern person) etc., while submitting the printed application.

  7. BDO Padappai is asking me 2 submit blueprint for my two plots even after producing copy of sale deed, ec, patta, layout sketch of Green Avenue Extension, Salamangalam. As per Demand notice issued by BDO, I remitted the required regularisation and development charges # Rs.30 and 25 respectively and produced the same. But the concerned staff insist that he will not proceed further unless I furnish the requisite blueprint for my plots. Problem is that the licensed surveyors n designers charge atleast Rs 3000 per plot n I feel it is too much. Cant the concerned BDO waive off this requirement? ur opinion/suggestion please.

  8. What happened to the earlier plot regularization schemes introduced in the year 2000. If the plot regularized in the year 2000 have also to be regularized in the present regularization scheme.

  9. Sir, I bought panchayat approved Layout land and built a house. Road facilities, street lights are available in my area. Whether i should regularise my land??. Also if i need to regularise, then in the http://www.tnlayoutreg.in website after login, which option i need to select “PLOT IN A LAYOUT”, “PLOT IN A SUBDIVISION” OR “REGULARISATION OF LAYOUT”? to make Rs.500 payment.?

  10. Is there a list of unapproved plots, published by the government or local body, where we can check our property.

  11. sir,i want to register my vaccant plotat Trichirappai. Kindly inform me the web site, I already tried through web site tnlayoutreg.in. But it was not accepting. Any other web for Trichirappall DTCP?

  12. ANY Other Web Site For Trichirappalli DTCP for Register unapproved plots. The tnlayoutsreg.in was not accepting the Registration payment

  13. sir,i want to register my vaccant plot at Trichirapplli. Kindly inform me the web site, I already tried through web site tnlayoutreg.in. But it was not accepting. Any other web for Trichirappalli DTCP?

  14. Respected Sir,
    I bought plot in village in 2017 April. my plot ex owner bought this plot 2007. this plot have panchayat union approval only in 2007. please u guide me i must apply for dtcp approval.?

  15. We have family members (3 daughters + 1 son + mother) have a piece of unapproved land -15 cents in Ponneri town panchayat, Thiruvalluvar District. Son wants to retain his share of land and remaining need to be sold as one lot or bit and pieces.
    1> Please suggest how in absence of DTCP approval, what is required to be done for obtaining approval for disposal of the remaining land?
    2> Can the remaining portion of land other than son’s portion can be sold as it is to one single party without DTCP approval?

    • if you have purchased the land from land promoters even if it does not have dtp approval you can sell it. if you are the land promoter then there is very low chance. but i heared that still offline approval is going on. so kindly contact the local authorities.

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