Yercaud Top Attractions to Visit and things to do in Yercaud

Yercaud Top Attractions

Yercaud Top Attractions to Visit and things to do in Yercaud

Yercaud Top Attractions :

Yercaud is a beautiful hill station town in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It lies in the Shevaroy Hills, known for their orange groves, coffee, fruit and spice plantations.

Here we list some of the Yercaud Top Attractions :-

Places for sight-seeing include the Lake, The Anna Park , Botanical Garden, Lay’s Seat, Rose Graden , Silk Farm , Montfort School, Killiyur Falls, Pagoda Point, Arthu’s Seat, Karadiyur Viewpoint, Kaveri Peak, 32-Km Loop Road and the Servarayan temple at 5,326 ft.

Places of Interest or Yercaud Top Attractions :-

Lake View Park:-

Yercaud Lake is first attraction for a Tourist. It is a picturesque water body surrounded by gardens and well wooded area. Boating in the cold water of the lake is enchanting as well as refreshing.

Anna Park:-

The Anna Park: Maintained by the Horticultural Department, is located near the Lake. It houses a variety collection of many species of plants found around Shevaroys Hills. Annual Flower show is the summer attraction during the month of May every year. Exclusive Japanese Park enclosure that finds the Bonsai collections, the Japanese style of Horticulture, is an added attraction to this Park.

Yercaud Lake Boat House (Emerald Lake):- 

Emerald Lake: The lake is also known as emerald lake and it is the only natural lake amongst all hill stations in the southern part of India. There is a floating fountain at the center of lake, which was constructed by MALCO. The garden surrounding the lake is well groomed and can be seen beautiful during the month of May when the Summer Festival is organized.


One bank of this lake has a beautifully manicured flower garden while the other, the Yercaud Boat house. This lake is perfect for families with children of different ages as it has several activities with which they can be occupied. You can do balloon shooting or experiment with roller balloons; enjoy boating on different kinds of boats; or, you can even rent cycles and have a blast.


National Orchidarium & Botanical Garden, Yercaud:- *

Botanical Garden:  Any tourist who is interested in god’s gift to this planet, the wondrous flora, and in knowing about various species of plants must make it a point to visit the orchid garden and the green house in the Botanical garden.

Rose Garden and Silk Farm:-* Silk Farm and Rose Garden: Situated very close to Lady’s Seat, silkworms are reared here. Located 2 km from Yercaud town, tourists can see the cultivation of mulberries, growing of silk worms, and methods of silk-spinning. The rose garden has a collection of varieties of roses. There is a nursery in this garden which sells plants.


Silk Farm: An interesting place to be is the silk farm of Yercaud. It is located very near to the Lady’s seat. Visiting the silk farm is sure to be a memorable and cognizant experience for youngsters. In the silk farm one can see how the silk worms are reared, how they are fed on mulberry leaves and how the cocoons are used for spinning the silk threads. The life cycle of silk worm and methods of spinning silk can be understood by visiting this place.


Note that the entrance fee for the gent’s seat, children’s​seat and rose garden is the same, so please save the receipt.

Gents Seat or Ladies Seat or Children seat (Visit at least any one these Yercaud–Top Attractions)

Ladies Seat, Gents Seat and Children Seat are the vantage points on the Yercaud hills which situate south-west to Shevaroy Hill ranges. It overlooks the serpentine ghat road and provides a breath taking view. The tourists are gifted to have a panoramic view of the plains below and Mettur Dam on the Cauvery River, through the Telescope mounted at the Lady’s seat watch tower(near to rose graden).

Pagoda View Point

Pagoda Point:  Located on Eastern part of Yercaud, on the 5th Km from the Yercaud Lake. The local tribes had built an arrangement of rocks in four Piles that looked like a pyramid. This made the place to be also called as Pyramid Point.

Montfort School

The Montfort School : The Montfort School for boys & girls and Sacred Heart convent for Girls are the two famous Educational Institutions in Yercaud imparting education. The Alumini of these schools include many notable personalities.

Kiliyur Falls


Killiyur Falls : This is one of the best in Yercaud Top Attractions.This 3000 ft water falls is just 3Km away from the Yercaud Lake. Best suited to be visited after the Monsoon seasons.

Note:- pls check before going to the place whether water is there in the falls.

Karadiyoor view point:-*

Karadiyur Viewpoint: A wonderful sightseeing placed in yercaud about 12 km from the center of the town in a village Karadiyur.


Arthurs Seat:-*

It is at the top of a hill that is connected by a road right at the dead center of the town. Arthur’s Seat is located 1 km from the center of the town can be reached by taking the steep road going north. From this point one can get a bird’s eye view of the Big Lake, Yercaud Town and the Shevaroy Peak.

One can witness the captivating scenic views of Salem city and its surrounding plains from the Pagoda point but the grandeur of Yercaud itself can be viewed from this Arthurs Point.

Arthur’s Seat is a magnificent vantage point which locates at the top of a captivating hill located at the Yercaud tourist center. This elevated location provides an eye catching view of the Emerald Lake, eternal beauty of Yercaud Town and thrilling appearance of Shervaroyan Peak.


32-Km Loop Road, Yercaud:-*

The 32-Km Loop Road is actually a 32 kilometer stretch, which begins from the Yercaud Lake and takes one through the much appreciated roads and agricultural plantations of Yercaud. This is one of the best places to visit in Yercaud, as it offers the taste of culture, the essence of lives, imprints of the heritage and the varied developments of the hill station.

The 32-Km Loop Road also leads to the villages of Semmantham, Nagalur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak. While travelling through these villages, one can taste varieties of coffee;

A drive on the Loop Road is most enjoyable but you feel lost sometimes and scared as it goes on and on with no one to be seen on the road.

It starts and ends at the Lake, covering several tribal villages including Yercaud, Nagalur, Semmanatham, Vellakadi, and Manjakuttai. The route is a bit unknown even with the taxi drivers and it requires local help to trace this route. Take the road to Shervarayan temple but once you reach the Y- intersection, take the left, the right going to Shervarayan temple.

On your way of this loop 32-KM you can visit the below attractions:-


Manjakuttai View Point:-*

Manjakuttai View Point is located at a distance of 7 kms from Yercaud Town. It has amazing views of surrounding valleys and mountains. Best time to go here is early morning to see the beauty of sun rise.

This view point is less known to people as it is still under development. But it is a nice place to go. Looks like the hills end here. You can witness a great view in winter with fog hitting you on the face.

Sri Lalitha Thripura Sundari Amman Temple:-

World’s largest Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple,Situated at Nagalur 7 km from yercaud town. It is very important temple.

Temple Timings:

The temple opens at 6 am in the morning.

The temple closes at 1 pm and reopens at 4 pm and stays open till 7.30 pm

Shevaroy Temple 

The Servaroyan Temple : It is one of the Yercaud Top Attractions. It is situated on the flat top of the Servaroyan Hill. It is a narrow cave temple dedicated to Lord Shervaroyan and Goddess Kaveri. As it is believed that the temple cave bottom touches river Kavery. Goddess Kaveri is worshipped as the presiding deity by all the villagers in and around this region. The Tribals gather here in thousands to celebrate their Annual Festival in the month of May every year.

Rajarajeshwari Temple :-*

Sri Raja Rajeswari temple is located on the way to Shervaroyan temple. The massive Raja Rajeswari idol is to be found in a sitting posture, and it is 4.5 feet tall. The deity of this temple is said to be the goddess of all gods in the Hindu Pantheon.
TreeTop Adventure*

TreeTop Adventure Park aims to maximise the potential for excitement in a natural setting whilst having a minimum impact on the environment. Each obstacle offers a unique combination of adventurous fun for all age groups. This is a magnificent way to hang out in the tree tops come rain or shine!

The Initiative is to provide a place for family, friends and colleagues to share some laughs, rejuvenate themselves, and enjoy the magical wonders of nature.

 Opening Timing      – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Other attractions or places to visit other then Yercaud Top Attractions:-

  • Bear’s Cave
  • Deer Park
  • Green House
  • Tipperary Colonial Bungalow
  • Botanical Survey of India
  • The Grange
  • Sri Lalitha Thripura Sundari Amman Temple
  • Shevaroy Hills


Note :-  * Indicates that if you have time to visit more places you can visit that attractions. It is up to you, either you can go or you can skip.but dont miss Yercaud–Top Attractions.

Tourist Information of Yercaud Top Attractions :-

Tourist Office at T.T.D.C Complex , Ramakrishna Salai, Salem-636 007. Phone : 416449
Hotel Tamil Nadu at Yercaud and Salem also provides tourist information [413066].


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